15 November 2008

** Eighty Eight **

i am getting my belly pierced whether they like it or not
they have no right to say i cant
it's my body and i have every right to do whatever i want with it
assuming i wouldn't make such a decision, they think someone influenced me
it's just a little belly piercing
it's not like i'm gonna go all out and pierce my eyelids, eyebrow, nose n every possible part that's piercable
nobody's gonna see it anyway
even the school won't know
so why make me wait another 2 fucking years before i can pierce
i will pierce whether they like it or not
i don't care if they punish me owh so badly for it
i don't care
i feel my individuality slowly distorting
i feel my difference that makes me special disappearing
i feel my uniqueness stealing away from me
i feel the struggle to keep me alive
i feel
i do not want to talk about today
i feel like a big let down
i feel like a complete idiot
but then again i didn expect much from 2hours of learning n perfecting a 3minute routine is simply bullshit
acf was extremely boring
i wasn't even bothered to snap pictures
i spend my entire day loitering around timesquare
total waste
but now eating sharkfin
yummy...update later

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