10 September 2008

** Fifty Nine **

i wonder how many times have i typed ** Fifty Nine ** but haven't posted a thing
so i've been pating all my "a" all through my edditing
and my posting of this
and my forum writing
ahh live and let live...
in the recent events of severalpeople "complaining" my blog's too green
i changed my skin
not so green now...
but still green...LOL
sometimes i get real sick of my mum pestering me
duh...who doesn...
just to stay back for HueiCwin's birthday
i had to answer the following:-
-who's going
-who's birthday
-didn't she celebrate it already
-what time
she even had asked me carry my bag to SM
which i find really stupid
i mean like...
does she not realize how heavy my bag is lately??
really..i get sick and tired of her mindless asking
celebrate birthday celebrate laaaa
what more you want to know
たんじょび おめでと HUEICWIN!
i find myself rolling my eyes at almost everything
cuz my life seems to get lamer and lamer by the second
yeah and so am i
i was utterly lame today
that i admit
the other occassional eye rolling would
come from my sister's kaki bodek crap
when mum goes "nice or not?"
you're just supposed to answer "yeah."
but MY SISTER goes "no, it's not good...it's AWESOME"
i watch sisters in St Mary
i jaga u
u jaga me
believe me
she comes here
she's on her own
i dont care if she fell or what
you fall you pick yourself up
you bleed go bandage yourself
i know how much my mother wants me to be like her
and most of the time i feel as if i'm the younger sibling rather than the oldest
so what if i havent matured
i dont really plan to
it's the whole fucking problem of growing up
and getting problems
and going to work
and whatever crap it is

damn it...
why does he have to scream at me

is it wrong for me to blog??

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