12 September 2008

** Sixty **

so i started my day tired and sleepy
as usual...duhhh...what else could possibly be?!?!
so i didnt realize i forgot my add math textbook along with all my exercise books til after recess...
stupid me...
i find myself forgetting my addmath textbook most of the fridays
why ar??

ahhhh...the lady in charge of the school museum finally came
and there's a moment of awkwardness
a lot of it actually...xD
so practically
she belanja us canteen food...
. . .
of all things to belanja you belanja canteen food...
i oso can afford laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
*slaps self*
ppl give just smile and sya thank you...
great...why did i have to choose to do the database...
damn some people have really bad handwriting...
i can barely make out some of the words man
so now i plead all you readers...
if your friends find your handwriting hard to read
it's high time to improve...
pity those filling in databases and stuff
and when they look at the form you filled up
they spend precious seconds trying to figure out that word
upon the piles of forms they have to key in bit by bit
damn these people...
writing with marker summore...lawls...
some i cant even make out "jalan limau Ma_ _ _"
dunno what the crap they write oso
and when it's wrong
who gets the blame??
so today i just found out about Microsoft Access
WOW right...ketinggalan much
so i had to figure how to work the damn thing
face it...i not the kinda person that goes through Microsoft programmes...
so i've got loads of forms to key in information one by one
ok so this thing is really bothering me. of how people in SMk go around admiring other. i mean it's ok if you admire someone worth admiring. why would you go around admiring someone who's like rude, and doesnt do homework, sucks at studies, inactive at cocurricular, doesnt follow school rules and much more other crap....xD...and one more thing. it's realy scary [for me] when you sneak around and stuff. it's weird. i can feel people staring you know. and when you stare i know. well, i dont mind the random running up to me and saying "HI". cuz i'll smile back and say "HI". though i dont know who you are...xD at least i dont ignore you.

and one more thing. please. please. please. can you not stalk me?!?! it's very um...disturbing. and worst comes to worst. please dont pinch my cheeks!!!!!!! hurt la. and when you're suppose to be doing something dont la stare at me....i....i...very...ahhh....very weird laaaaaa

last but not least...i've said this before and i'll say this again. i'm not bi. i'm not less. i'm just normal. immature. human being. omeemo. so please i beg of you people. stop aksing if im coupling with Michelle or Mun-Mun or whatever it is you people might just think of. your thoughts end here. and here it ends!!!

i'm going brain dead soon
lotsa HW not done
lol...later la...xD
aiyo...its not like im dying to do it....
i dont understand. why teacher's seem to give more credibility to smarter student
you know who you are
those scoring impossible scores on impossible subjects
so what about them?!
they born with a higher IQ...so what?!?!?!
i dont get it why the teachers love these students so much
it's not that we're not studying enough
it's just nothing goes into our brain
and even if you use that super memory thing
i mean
how many can you actually put in?!?!
there's still a limited space in the brain to store this
unless you can erase everything like SpongeBob
delete everything but fine dining and breathing
so i strugggle and strive to do my best
and it's not that i dont want to study
i do
i have the semangat to study
but it's just it's not gonna get locked in my brain
why should i??!!
i'm not exactly miss do-it-all
but i do try to do it all
i like to think i can
though i know i cant
somehow i like to see what i can do
pushing myself to the brim isn't really that hard
at times i really do go all out for somethings
at time i'm not bothered at all
ok final part
the hope for a revolution
ways and means to try and stop
link below...join in a support...
lend a helping hand
start a new faith for

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