22 September 2008

** Sixty Six **

ok...i decided to do this...
to diverge from my normal complaining and screaming posts
of how much my life sucks...xD

66 facts you never knew about me
[[ i think ]]

66. i throw my phone on the floor. even if i could just bend down n put it gently.
65. i talk to my dog the most. and he understands.
64. i'm addicted to Japanese food.
63. i gulp down an average of 5-4 bottles of coke per week now.
62. i have two pairs of school shoes. each worn for half the school year. never washed.
61. i strive to be a perfectionist. everything i do has to be perfect.
60. i sleep with the night light on.
59. i enjoy the company of stuffed animals and adorable plushies.
58. i still have my small pillow i had since i was a baby. it's 16 years old this year too!!!
57. my room is never tidy. even after i've tidied it.
56. i have a slight fear of heights. SLIGHT.
55. i like lizards and insects and snakes.
54. i used to want to be an archaeologist. study Egypt and stuff.
53. my pointer on my right hand is twisted in a way.
52. my second toe is the longest.
51. i'm ball footed so every time i stand, my feet kinda looks dislocated in a way.
50. i wished i was a better person.
49. i cant exactly play the guitar. it's called self-learning.
48. i dont see the difference between being in a relationship and not.
47. i had my first crush when i was standard6.
46. it lasted for 4years and counting.
45. i kissed a girl. once. twice. more than that i think.
44. i sms in the shower.
43. i'd listen to my mp3 in the shower.
42. i can play "batu seremban" with my left and right hand.
41. i killed my pet hamster last year cuz i never fed it.
40. i like burnt cheese.
39. i never dream. not anymore at least.
38. i never study for exams.
37. i wear size 5 shoes. but like to buy them a size bigger.
36. i wished i never had breast.
35. i wished i wasnt a girl.
34. i'm in a dance team. thats tearing apart.
33. i will never pick up calls.
32. i dont like to talk.
31. it's hard for me to forget. i have long term memory.
30. i like the rain.
29. i dream to change my phone number to 016-6666666.
28. my attempts to commit suicide never happen cuz i cannot apply enough pressure towards the blade on my skin.
27. i wanna get bitten by a leech.
26. i wish i could see how fortunate i am.
25. i'm bucked tooth cuz i used to suck my thumb.
24. i don't cry when watching sad movies.
23. i'm a sadist.
22. i'm going through an identity crisis.
21. i lost my best friend when i was 5.
20. i found another and lost her when i was 9.
19. my three primary colours are black. white. red.
18. i like to watch the sunset.
17. i must have my french fries with ice cream.
16. i dont eat when i go out. unless im really hungry.
15. i dont care how i dress.
14. my vain level is very low.
13. i'm temperamental.
12. i'm too nice to say no.
11. i eat insects.

10. i caught a frog. tortured it. and let it go.
9. sang a song. made it rain. and fell sick.
8. made a lie. got caught. and paid the price.
7. fell in love. seriously. and end up crying myself to sleep.
6. been paranoid. in the dark. and slept with lights on.
5. wore different socks. didn't realize. until i came home at the end of the day.
4. tired to be a girl. wore a dress. and returned to my over-sized clothes.
3. wore makeup. tried hairspray. and took them off immediately.
2. ate candy. lots of it. and got sick the next day.
1. i keep a secret. and lock it up. it's safe with me.

0. i have my own servant to tie my shoelace.

ok..the last one was pure crapation...xD
wow...i actually finish this
* pats self*


"wait." he held her wrist. she wouldn't turn.
"please." he begged. she wouldn't turn.
"i...." he spoke. she wouldn't even look.
he tugged her arm. made her turn.
no more did he see. but what was clear to him. her face painted in sadness. maybe it was the rain drops that were trickling down her cheeks. maybe not. she forced a smile. and breathed.
"i...." he couldn't find the words. his tongue, caught up in the mist of everything he wanted to say. tangled up in his thoughts.

he just held her hands. not knowing how to form his sentences. not knowing what to do.

"i..." he breathed again. thinking he might just have enough courage to tell her.
their eyes met. her hair soaked in the rain. standing on the puddle, lifelessly staring at him. hoping to hear something she wanted.

"it would be a lie..." he finally started. "if..." he paused. hesitating if or not to say those words.
"if i told you i never liked you." he glanced at her. "if i never loved you."

maybe it was the rain getting heavier cuz the drops were getting bigger. he stared at her. he feels the pain, the agony. how shattered. fragile. it's in her eyes.

"but...." he braced himself.

she couldn't take it no more. "say it already! say you're giving up on me! say youwant her better than me! say you need her more than you need me!" in tears she cried.

he stood apart. silenced.

she burst out in the rain. "say it already! i know what you want to say! just say it and i'll go!! i'll leave you and all our memories along!! i leave everything behind! i'll act as if i never knew you!!" she was sobbing. "just.....say...it....."

he held her. wipping her tears, he whispered into her ear. "good....bye..." with that, he turned away. not looking back, he walked away in the rain.

she, now on her knees, watching him disappear. letting him slip away.

to be in the arms of the one he loves more.
sadly it's not her.


why am i doing this to myself...

*slaps self*

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