04 September 2008

** Fifty Eight **

ahhh first day as school photographer
still taking time to get used to taking pictures and stuff
feels a bit awkward running about in front of everyone
even i dont know what im snapping actually
just simply snap here snap there
but somehow
it's FUN

so this morning
our candidates for head girl had their 3 minutes of "undivied" attention

of long long speeches
and utter blurness
basically i didnt know what i was supposed to do
duh...i said that already
Joann move so much
so hard to take
not enuf time lehh...=X
LOL...i doubt im supposed to take pictures
and put them in my blog
am i allowed to??

so after that
we went back to class
study study study

after recess we had some talk on memory thingy
some way to enhance our memory
something la
all in all
i have to admit the talk was everything but boring
but most of the things he said
i already know
MissGoh keeps telling us the damn thing
but all in all he made the entire event
absolutely fun
yeh i went around simply snapping again
not like i knew exactly what i was supposed to do
i end my day
i'm actually very afraid of MissWong at times
lol...i dont know why...
i just am

and now i very tired
very happy
waiting for dance class


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