28 May 2010

** Hundred and NInety Five **

my second week in TARCollege.

i pretty much got used to the whole idea that i had to do my own homework by myself without my lecturers reminding me. and how i have to self study. i love chemistry. i love the lecturer too. =D physics is okay i guess. at least i understand. she's a bit fast but once more, at least i understand. pure maths and further pure is love! i love further pure. lecturer is okay too. but my applied maths and further applied sucks. most of the time during lectures i'm so blooody confused and dont even know what's happening. yeah it sucks.

which reminds me. i have one page of tutorial not done for that.

i probably started accepting the fact that no matter how much a rant about this my parents arent going to send me to TOA. so i guess i'll be at TARC doing my a levels for the time being.

its not that bad being in TARC. the friends i make here are pretty awesome people. yeah. not to mention the whole load of people i already know. my class has more girls now. and the numbers would probably increase when i get back on Monday. which means i'm gonna have to do my "duties" again.not that i'm complaining. i dont mind really. just gonna be troublesome again. collecting money and stuff.

internet at home really sucks. i cant stay online on msn for 5minutes without disconnecting. its so stupid. and i spend the next 10minutes trying to log back in. listening to rin & len again. i think i need to see a therapist.

there's something wrong with me.

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