14 May 2010

** Hundred and Ninety Two **

my driving instructor went for a holiday. i miss him.

so i had a new instructor today. I HATE HIM.

all this while i have never really drove on the road. so technically i havent got a clue how to control the manual car. and plus the fact that THIS kancil is a different kancil. cuz the one i used to practise with broke down yesterday. and THIS kancil is STUPID HARD to control. and he made me drive on the road for the first time. and he started scolding me for EVERYTHING! my engine didn die at least. going out the junction he scolded me. he asked me to slow down so i did. and obviously at the junction you STOP. i stopped. and he scolded me for stopping. so i pressed the accellerator. then he scolded me for going too fast. the junction is a freaking SLOPE. i dont go fast how am i supposed to move up the junction. then i had to go out to join the main road and i did. and he scolded me for not looking and going too fast. i was at 40-50km/h. so fine. i was driving fine with my old instructor. sometimes he'd let me on the road for awhile. he'd even let me go to 60km/h sometimes.

i was driving. i was driving angry.

so yes. he was scolding me on and on. about every single little thing. even taking a corner too quickly. and i was steaming there. and he just kept going on and on. scolding me for every little thing i did. i was driving on the road for the first time. what does he expect me to do?!?! and the great thing was that. he was scolding me non-stop and asking me to relax.

then i broke down.

i teared a bit. and he didn shut up.

until we reached tat place where i'd practise my bukit, 3point turn n parking when he left me to do it on my own. thank god. so i did a few rounds on my own. which turned out pretty satisfying really. but i miss my old instructor. at least he gave some encouragement when i did well. this one just sat at the pondok there talking to his friends. and only commented when i did wrong. T^T

one last round he tells me. i was sweating cuz there was no air cond in THIS kancil. not like there was any in the last one. so this chinese instructor was walking by and saw me and asked me, "no air cond ar?!?!" i shook my head and said "no..." then he told my instructor "hoi! sian amoi ni. cam steam pau la...meh ambik tuala satu kasi." i chuckled a bit and continued parking. wishing i had an instructor like that.

uhhhh amoi amoi amoi...

i hate people calling me amoi


after going round and round. he decides to take the road again. and made me drive back. he made me keep to below 40km/h. above 40 and he'd scold. and i didn need anymore scolding. so the drive home was less scolding. and excruciatingly slow. he made me take corners so bloody slowly. even at the roundabout i was at 30km/h. uhhhh...even changing lanes he made me do it like i had all the time in the world.

i know he's a really really really really old man.

doesnt mean he can make ME drive like a freaking old man tooo!!!!

i was like...

i had hell of a driving day.

and i still have class with him tomorrow and on sunday.


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