09 June 2010

** Hundred and Ninety Six **

practically this show isnt all that good. kinda boring actually. dont bother wasting your time in the cinema. if it wasn't for the constant sound effects i would've slept off. even for a person who usually avoids watching movies like this. i'd have to say this movie was below my expectations. maybe it's just me. but i laughed when they got killed. and all i was waiting for was the next person to get killed. cuz all that freddy kruger popping out and scaring people. it gets boring after the first few victims. and it was pretty predictable really. the "peak-a-boo" scenes gets old after the first few tries. i thought i would have trouble sleeping after watching this show. it didn even make me jump. the movie looked like it could've been made 10years ago and turned out the same.

the only entertaiment i had was there was this group of guys sitting next to me and they went "WHUT THE FARK!!!!" for practically everything. ok. its not entertaining. its pretty annoying really. not to mention the idiot behind me who's turning my chair into some OGAWA massage chair. the guy sitting on my right was like all curled up to his buddy. and he kept going "WHUT THE FARK!!" and covering his eyes at the same time. i stared and went whut the fark too...LOL

there was one part in the movie where freddy was chasing the girl and she hid in the closet. so yeah. you have your typical "now-you-see-me-now-you-dont" scene. and when he disappeared everyone started laughing for some reason. and when he appeared next to her in the closet. it was like...no effect. LOL

technically. freddy kruger was burnt to "death". so how can u burn something that's already burnt?! besides i dont get it. if she pulled freddy into "our world" and killed him and burned him here, how did freddy end up in the "other world" again. maybe you cant kill freddy by burning him. he's grown a resistance to fire. LOL

i dont get the story. @_@

so here's to freddy kruger.

one, two, freddy kruger, i'm coming for you,
three, four, OMG! where's the door,
five, six, you need new tricks,
seven, eight, you suck eggs,
nine, ten, i'm falling asleep again.


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