06 May 2010

** Hundred and Eighty Nine **

8:20 a.m.
i planned to sleep til 9:55a.m.. but i was awaken by mum at 7:55 telling me Amy Jie is stuck in a jam and cannot come fetch Ah Xuan to school. so i had to get up and walk her to school. so i rushed out of bed. brushed my teeth and washed my face. as i did i told myself, "after you walk Ah Xuan you can continue sleeping." =D so i went downstairs. and told Ah Xuan i'm walking her to school. and she's like "NO! my mummy is coming to fetch me." i was like "uhhhh...=__=*" then kakak told her that i was talking her. ok so she followed. then i was walking out with Ah Xuan and Pumbaa ran out of the gate. WTF. he went and aggravate some dog outside. very nice dog actually. so i told Ah Xuan to get inside while i went to get my stupid dog back into the house. then i walked her to school and i walked back. "okay rachel, you can go back to sleep now." so i literally threw myself on the bed. i checked my alarm before i knocked off.

then i was awaken by the doorbell. so i thought i didnt hear my alarm. i jumped out of bed. AGAIN. and got dressed in less than a minute. cuz i thought it was 10:00. driving lessons. i went to open the gate. some relative showed up with her friend asking to see my grandma. i was like "uhhhhh...zzZZzzZZ..." WTF! so i let them in. closed the gate. checked the clock on my phone. 8:20. WTF!!!!!!!!! WTF LA!!!!

and then i had to entertain them. and by that time, its 9:00 and a 55minute sleep is just gonna make things worst.

so i'm blogging.

thanks to SOMEONE!! i went through BTSSB website. which i wasnt supposed to...

Sweet Honey Mini Hat (12390yen)

Embroidered Pocket Jumper Skirt (20790yen)

Princess Drop CHandelier Shoes (26040yen)

Headdress + Jumper Dress + Shoes = o(*w*)o
12390 + 20790 + 26040 = 59220

convert 59220yen to RM = RM2013.13 OTL

sad case...TT^TT
its so prettieeeee but i cant have it...

ok so i had my 2nd driving lesson today. my engine kept dying. uhhhh...lack of sleep does this to me. well he brought me to practise the 3point turn and the stopping on the hill thing. after that he drove to the place where they had the exam n stuff. i learnt how to park!!! =D i can park man!!! 3point turn so fun...tho the steering is so irritating...the weather was so freaking hot. yea very hot. i probably got a little sunbrunt from all that. not to mention the fact that the car does not have aircond!!! OAO! turning the steering was so freaking hard. the more i turned the more tired i got the harder it got to turn. yea then he kept telling me to slowly park, slowly reverse. LOL. sweating like nobody's business today.

yea den my instructor talks a lot. keep talking and talking. and half the time i cant hear what he says. but i just nod. he's a nice man. so i just act like i'm listening la. he said something bout being someone's body guard or something. then he talked about Paris again. so i told him i went there last year for the holidays. it cant be a one man conversation you know!! LOL

then i was waiting for my turn to practise parking. this girl was practising. i was like "why is she holding a piece of paper?!? what's that?! notes?!?? u need notes to drive?!?!". LOL. and she took FOREVER to do it. n my instructor told me she already had 16hours of lessons. i was sitting n the aircond-less kancil under the sun!! HURRY UP LA!!! damn bloody hot. steering oso bloody hot!!! i feel like just accelerating and crash her car. D< i had less than 4hours and i can do better!! you deserved to be crashed!!!! RAWR!!

sometimes the weather in Malaysia makes me miss the weather in Paris.

my face red from the sun. my hands red from all that steering turning. my feet red from all that pressing.

then after i did my last 3point turn i still had to do the bukit thingy and the line was like so LLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!! i was like "Pak Cik kene buat lagi ke bukit tu? Panas la....><" then he so nice he say "Tak pe la kite balik je la...amoi dah pandai dah..." i was like "OOH YEAHHH!!! OUT OF THE SUN!!!"

i went back and the back of my entire shirt is wet. =___=
and a put my head to the freezer!! Ahhhhhh~ bliss...<3

while i was driving, i saw a chicken cross the road!! literally crossing the road!!! i was going to burst out laughing when i saw!!! so funny...XD but i didn burst out laughing of course. later my intructor thinks i'm some mentally retarded person. ( i know i am. doesn't mean he has to know. ) and then i'd have to explain to him why i laughed. imagine...
"Knape ketawa??"
"Tadi ayam tu melintas jalan..."


tired tired. tomorrow got another class. UHHHHHHH!!!
need to go find sunblock. i dont need another sunburn.


oodles toodles~

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