07 May 2010

** Hundred and Ninety One **

third day of driving lessons.
i overslept today. phone on silent. forgot to set alarm. so mum called me twice. my instructor called me once. then i woke up and saw all the messeges and missed calls. check the clock. OH SHIT!! 10:15. so yes. i jumped out of bed. AGAIN!!! brushed my teeth got dressed in less than a minute. AGAIN!! then i literally ran downstairs. open the gate.
nobody there. so i went back in. then mum called.
"you're instrcutor left de la! i called you to get up u didn hear meh?"
"my phone on silent laaa..."
"see! now i have to call the fella to come again!!"
then she hang up. i was like "uhhhhh...another crappy morning..."

then i waited.

he came. brought me to the same place again. and i went round and round and round. park. 3point turn. stupid hill. park. 3point turn. stupid hill. i dont know. i was driving like shit today. engine kept dying over and over again. i kept rolling down the stupid hill.

he's like "tayar mesti kat dot kuning ni. nampak tak?!" i was saying to myself while nodding "no." I CANT EVEN SEE THE TYRE HOW I KNOWWW!!! then he goes "tayar depan kat garisan ni. mesti kat garisan ni. ikut formula." I CANT SEE THE BLOODY FREAKING TYRE!!! so parking today was like shit. i got so pissed i took off the stupid safety belt. like a piece of crap. stupid parking. D<

then i went to do my 3point turn. at the begining it was easy. i did as i did yesterday. then i lost it. i went and bang the tiang la...bang the plactic thingy la... and i got so irritated with it. then one time i overshot. he came and was like "awak fail!! sudah fail dah! tgk. you kelua tgk. dah jatuh longkang dah! dah terjun dlm bukit dah!!" i was like "uhhhh...=___=" went back in and finished the bloody thing. stupid 3point turn. then my engine kept dying everytime i turned right before reversing. i was so irritated i went "eee bodoh babi kreta manual ni." and my instructor was standing there with his stupid green umbrella he claims he bought from Paris. D<

after that i went to do the stupid bukit. i keep hitting the breaks too early. he's like "jangan brek awal sgt!! tak sampai lg!! buat balik. turn turn." so i went back down and went back up again. and guess what?!? i hit the brakes too early. AGAIN. so he went "TAK SAMPAI LAGI LA!!! takpe takpe..." so i went down the stupid goddamn hill. my engine kept dying on top of that stupid bukit. then i think he was calling me stupid indirectly or something. he was like "ini senang saje. org bodoh pun leh buat. org paling bodoh i aja pun leh buat." i was mumbling to myself "calling me stupid la. bloody old man." stupid bukit. D<

ou i saw suet min and shi ling driving there too. =D

my intructor was talking bout fruits today. LOL. bout how its good for your body and stuff. then he went to talking bout Paris again. LOL. and smoking and cigars. i just nod and buat tahu je. and everytime i take a corner he's like "tengok lembu lembu ni...lagi teruk drpd lembu. diaorg tak tgk org lain punya." he refers L license ppl as lembu. then i was thinking "i'm also L license. he's calling me a cow!!! bloody old man. never die before ar?!?!?!" then he kept pulling the handbrake for me. and when he did i never can release it. then he was like "tangan ni kan, pukul orang leh mati. tgk garis garis ni. org kata jgn pukul anak ngan tangan ni. nak pukul pun guna rotan je." i was like "ou...kay...=_=". just smile and nod.

i felt like running into people today. i was driving out of that place and it was 12:30 so school finished. so there were like students walking by the roadside. i'm like driving and there's this two stupid girls walking. the girl on the outside was so out. so i buat tak tau la. COMMON SENSE BITCH!! MOVE WHEN THERE'S A CAR!! YOU DON'T MOVE YOU GET HIT!! DUMB BLONDE!! AND SHE'S NOT EVEN BLONDE!! IMAGINE IF SHE WAS BLONDE SHE'D BE EVEN MORE DUMB!! and the stupid biatch didnt move. and my intructor turned the steering. "jaga jaga budak sekolah." i was like "she dont want to move i langgar la!!! biatch!! then she'll move the next time she sees a car. think what?!?! her father's road ar this one!!"

funny thing was. my instructor turned on the aircond at some point. LOL. hot air came out. i was like "better no need aircond." the air was not even cold. not one bit. just warm. or hot. LOL. better no need. at least there's no sun today. weather was still bearable at least.

so after hell of a day driving. i come home. my legs were about to give in. i had to drag my feet upstairs. and i struggled just to turn the doorknob. yes i literally did. then i had to take off my socks and usually you can do it standing. as i did i almost fell. my knee literally gave in. then i had to change out of my jeans. guess what?! i couldnt unbutton it. i was like "uhhhh damn it!!=_=" i just squeezed out of it. no need to unbutton.

my hand hurt a lot today. turning the steering wheel over and over again. they seriously hurt. and now i have blisters on my hands. i can't bend my fingers without them hurting. uhhh...i'm such a princess. i bruise easily. LOL.

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