29 December 2008

** Tagged **

i aint numbering this post. but hey...of all the tags i've dismissed. lets do one for old times sake.
p.s. i skipped the first part though...i aint tagging other people.

First Name : Rachel
Nickname : ...[technically u can give me any crappy name you want]
Name you wish you had : Andriod001
What do people normally mistake your name as : Lizard
Birthday : 16th November 1992
Birthplace : i came out of this gigantic orby thingy that crashed onto Earth
Time of Birth : T-minus twenty hundred seconds [if that even makes sense]
Single or taken : what would you like to know...
Zodiac sign : Scorpio...and i sting...xD

-Your Appearance-

How tall are you : um...160cm
Wish you were taller : YEAHHH...i'm like short short...
Eye color : my eyes are filled with the crappiness of my life...see...it's dark brown...
Eye color you want : emerald green
Natural Hair color : black...and when the sun shines it become brown...serious brown
Current Hair color : [read the above]
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : i'm gonna dye my hair white//green//red...whichever works...xD
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : you know...during phantom...i had like 500++ hair clips on my head...
Glasses or contacts : doesn matter to me...
Do you wear make-up : *coughs* hell no!!!
Ever had hair extensions : why would i do that?!?!
Paint your nails : when i need to...yes

-In the opposite gender-

What color eyes : i want snowy blue...
What color hair : any colour's fine really
Shy or Outgoing : both...i can deal with both shy and outgoing...
Sexy or Cute : *stares* i have no comments
Serious or Fun : well you can't have fun all the time now can you?!
Older or Younger than you : it's not like i'm gonna date him or anything...so age doesn't really matter...xD
A turn on : what do you want me to turn on?! tv?! computer?! radio?!
A turn off : hey..make up your mind here...turn on or off?!?!

-This or that-

Flowers or Chocolates : chocolates
Pepsi or Coke : coke
Rap or Rock : both
Relationship or One night stand : how about both...lawls...
School or Work : i go to school and i get homeWORK...so what's there to choose...
Love or Money : wahahaha...if the guy has so much moolahh i'd end up waiting for im to die...xD
Movies or Music : both...
Country or City : city
Friends or Family : how am i suppose to choose here...stupid

-Have you ever-

Lied : dont tell me you havent?!
Stole something : like an eraser, a few pencils, some pretty plastic crystal thingys...lawls...yeah i have...
Smoked : N E V E R
Hurt someone close to you : intentionally and unintentionlly
Broke someone's heart : how would i know...
Had your heart broken : THAT is NONE of your business
Wondered what was wrong with you : all the time...all the time
Wish you were a prince/princess : i am a prince?! owh yeah...bow down before me!!
Liked someone who was taken : why? have you?!
Shaved your head : no...why in the world would i do THAT?!?!
Used chopsticks : to eat in Sushi King u use chopsticks...YEAH I USE CHOPSICKS!!! stupido questiono
Sang in the mirror to yourself : i couldn't even start...i LOL-ed at myself...

Flower : heh...i'll let you figure that out...
Candy : mars bars!!!
Song : Davy Jones from Pirates of The Caribbean 3...that little melody davy jones plays on the piano of his...yeah...awesomeness...
Scent : you know the smell of famous amos cookies when you walk pass the store...gahhh!!! i'm gonna raid the store...
Color : this is stupid...
GoldMovies : what gold movies?!?!
Singer : ME!!! wahahaha...yeah when it rains...it's MY FAULT!!!
Word : lawls
Junk food : potato chips
Website : you're at it...
Location : MPH. Kinokunia. Borders. Times. Tower of Records. and obviously...MY ROOMMEH...
Animal : i love all creatures furry. bald. sharp. prickly. small. large. dirty. clean. all of them.


Ever cried over someone : do you have to ask?!
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : you don't know half of it
Do you think you're attractive : you asking me this?! well...i think i'm the fugliest person on the face of the earth
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose : Grim's
Do you play any sports : i'm gonna slap you if you make me list down another damn thing.
What colour is your shirt : what colour is my what?!?! ou...it's black...
Do you wear matching undies : three letters...W-T-F
If you were to play the lead in a horror flick, what would your character be : wahahah...i'd be this andriod vampire shapeshifting guy [a girl can play a guy okay...i'm flat chested]. and the Grim Reaper's my father. and i go around killing people!!! muahahahaha...

fuhhh..it's done...
that was quick..xD

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