22 December 2008

** Hun-dreaded **

dont blame me for not updating. yes. i know i'm supposed to upload pictures from my Singapore trip. i tend to procrastinate a lot for all the people who haven't realized it. so for the past two days, i had my entire out of home for CF. my feet ended up being very sore from the first day itself. maybe it because i'm not used to the platform heels i wore with my loli. and walking was a real hastle on the first day. i think i stepped on at least 5 feets when i was walking. sorry. yes i spent a lot of money buying lots of stuff. i bought my two beloved Death note figurines. and now i have three.

day two of CF was more bareable. stupid performance. yeah i screwed up at the end. stop reminding me la. even i know. then again not all comments were bad. not that i really cared. at that time i just wanted to get it over with. then i changed into agito. much much much more comfortable than that tiny seifuku. i forgot to make a sign that says "no flash photography". yes. for all the insensitive photographers of cosplayers, flashes hurt our eyes and posing too long hurts our limbs. plus if you want to take a picture and are aware that we're talking to our friends, wait til we're finished. well. my feet are still killing me though. and yesterday i really just popped dead on the bed when i got home. i didn even bother to take off the costume first. and why do you have to take my picture when i'm sleeping. why people why.

all in all i had loads of fun during CF. made new friends. random strangers. met up with old ones. got mistaken for a girl who lost her phone. got attacked by a fan girl. yeah. fun.
no i dont have any pictures of the event so i'll be grabbing it from everyone else. my sister's a bad phtographer. half of everything came out BLUR.

i wonder why they put the doujin booths at the back. i had to walk back and forth just to talk to my friends and see what's on stage. stupid aint it.

i spent one hour awake in bed before i decide to get up. yes. my whole body ached even more now. i need a massage real bad. i've been yawning the whole day through. and now even typing is slow for me.
my commonwealth essay hasn't been done yet. stop asking. i do not know how to start. all the topics have left me braindead. my mind does't work when you put me in a box. it goes to stress mode and doesn't enhance it full ability. instead it kinda makes me retarded in a way.

dont ask me what happened to her him she he pondan gay aqua homo. people come and go. or maybe they just can't bear with me anymore. but like i care.

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