29 December 2008

** Hundred and Three **

i miss the days where i could just sit still and not think of anything.
i miss those days where i could just breath and not feel the burden.
i miss the days where i would just skip everything and forget everything.
i miss those days where i'd sleep for majority of the day, get up for food and sleep again.

now i find myself at the edge of my seat.
i can't sit still.
i need something to do.
now i find myself wasting the remains of my year confused.
i can't think.
i need to breath again.

i got out of bed today. in exactly 2days it'd be new years eve.
everyone goes to count down. watch the fireworks. welcome the new year of 2009. make new year resolutions. and keep whatever that happened this year behind.
i'll get out of bed tomorrow. in exactly 1day it'd be new years eve.
everyone's making preparation for new year. set their clocks to ring at midnight. make arrangements to watch the fireworks. with friends. family. with the entire world.
i'll get out of bed on the 1st of January 2009.
everyone's still asleep from yesterday's celebration and party. school starts soon. the new year starts. time to make with what's here and now. this is a begining of an end.

i am not going to point fingers at anyone. but i found parts of my recent post in one of your blogs. rest assured i am very pissed at this. once again i am containing my anger as i am not supposed to explode as promised. you know who you are. and yes i can prove that you stole it, heck...i posted it earlier than you. if it mere coincidence, doesn't mean every single word has to be exactly the same. i hate it when this kinda crap happens.

my life is like a freakshow. everyday i do something stupid and leave it at there. then i hop blogs and read about others and their lives. the more i read. the more i wish mine was theirs. the more i wish i could switch lives with them. how is it everytime i get out of bed, it feels so much of a drag. god damn it. i got 24 hours to live again. i am forcing myself to blog today. i don't know why.


i want to be that happy estatic blogger again.

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