28 December 2008

** Hundred and Two **

i've been staring at this page. backspacing everything i was typing. i think this is the tenth time i'm typing it out. every time it's a different story but i end up running out of word before i could continue. and i decide i shouldn't talk about it since i have nothing more to type than three pathetic sentences. spam on the key thinking it was the backspace button but the letters don't disappear. it's the print screen button. FUCK. apply pressure on the freaking button. watch the letters i typed few seconds ago disappear.
change the window. skip this song. ask myself "why am i even blogging today". return to this window. stare at the emptiness of the box here where i was supposed to type.

i stopped for five minutes. i can't post anything today. FUCK i dont know what to type. i don't know what to post. i slept today. afternoons nowadays feel as if i was sitting on the stove. in the microwave. in the oven. i used to be able to sleep in the afternoon when i needed to with just the fan on. and right now it's FUCKING unbearable. right now even with all my lights off and my fan directly blowing at me at full speed. i still feel the heat. and end up waking up all sweaty. damnation. global warming.

internet's lagged again. don't blame me. i have been trying to upload all the pictures everytime i come online. i can't do anything about it. so really. pictures will take forever to get up. it's not that i don't want to. i fucking can't.

like i said. i kept to my words of no more four letter words. you see none.

P.S. the movie "the day the world stood still", don't waste your cash. don't waste your time. with the shallow story line. plus i don't even understand the fucking show. alien comes to earth in this orb thingy. havoc. havoc. alien sheds skin. turn human. i'm gonna save the earth. kill all man kind. havoc. havoc. big robot protector thingy. swarm of puny eat-everything bugs. havoc. world's gonna end. we're all gonna die. alien guy changes mind. saves their lives. goes to the orb thingy. big bright light. energy supply goes dead. orb thingy goes away. mankind lives. the end.

when did the earth stood still?!?!?!?!?!

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