01 December 2008

** Ninety Seven **

i found myself today
found myself and ran away
something pulled me back
a voice of reason i forgot i had

dont ask me why am i posting twice today. somehow i feel fucking pissed off. yeah my mother's back from the hospital. and no i am not happy about it. i'd wished she'd stay there forever. i'd wish she'd never come back. yeah. i wish. i dont understand this act of hers. she's like overly purkey about everything every day and its fucking irritating. for fucks sake can't you be a weak defenceless ill person. why the fuck do you have to act like you're so happy you're ill. what the fuck is your problem. and she expects me to kiss her feet and obey her every commend just because of that. fuck cares if you're sick or not. i dont fucking care damn it. im not the reponsible child who does things when her parents are sick. fuck i don't even do that on a daily basis. i feel no sense of pity or what so ever for her. i dont fucking care damn it. and she's coming to me all pleading and crap asking me to help out more often. fuck you mother. fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuck you.


ok...i'll be going to singapore this week

so nobody sms or call me when i'm there yahhh....
unless it's urgent
like maybe your life depended on it

i'll be leaving on Wednesday, 3 NOvember

staying there for a week or so
and i'll come back more gorgeous pictures

for everyone to drool over...muahahahaha

i dont know the purpose of me going there actually
go there stay for a week or so with my relatives
no doubt they'll bring me around
omg...what am i gonna bring...

time to pack up...
i'm headed to my granduncle's tomorrow
sleeping over for the night
and then it's off to singapore...


i should just let my tattoo fade away right...
it's kinda tiring touching it up
after everytime i take my bath...

but it's so sad...to watch all my efforts

down the drain...


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