05 December 2008

** Ninety Eight **

lawls. im in singapore. spending a week here running about wreaking havoc in this peaceful place on earth. haha. well i have to wake up at 6am on the 3rd november t renew my passport. yeah spent my entire day in the immigration office. doing crap la. take number wait for number. stupid freaking system they have there. so i spent my time doodling and smsing. i would've scanned it in but im way too lazy to scan right now.
so it's one week. no smses. no calls. be good people dont try to reach me....xD

then the 5 hours journey on the bus. rain. stop. rain. stop. rain. stop. and i drew on the bus. yeah i drew on the freaking bus. whoever said it's impossible to draw on a moving vehicle. im awesome. the bus ride was ok really. like an airplane on wheels. then half way through my freaking air conditioning started leaking. damn it. drip. drip. drip. drip. owh well. deal with it rachel...
then i went through immigration. blah. whatever.

i'll get back and all i have to do is post the pictures. xD

we settled at aunty may n aunty ping's house. yeah. then the havoc of 3 little kids running about making all the noise in the world like nobody cares. well, they have to right to. enjoy it while they can make all the noise and be excused for it. at my age you make noise you get screamed and stared at. i made a bulb burst. click button. POP!!!!! i was like. ZOMG!!! i haven been here for 24hours and i break something. then again, im here to wreak havoc right. aunty ping stepped on a piece of glass. so duh it bled. showered and slept.

woke up at 7am today. dont even know what to do. went and walk the dog. visited the mini mart. theres green nasilemak....lawls......GREEN....hahaha...walked the dog back to aunty ping's house and had aunty may cook breakfast for us. egg with cheese is awesomeeeeeee.....x3 we laze around til afternoon. and we went to BORDERS...
the biggest awesomest book store ever!!!!! lawls...im a book worm and i love books...i aint a nerd. yeah i stood there reading the yaoi manga i found. GOSH i wanted to buy....but guess what....
i bought the complete set of deathnote. all 12 books. and some extra stuff. cost a hell lot.
sure my dad'll kill me for this later. hahahah LATERRRRR

right now just finished dinner at aunty may's. returning later to my piles of deathnote to read....wahahahaha
L's my husband...xD
Light's my husband...xD
Matt's my husband....xD
wow....i've got 3 husbands....all from the same manga<3

ok my sister wants to blog


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