12 December 2008

** Ninety Nine **

ok. no more four letter words in my blog posts. no more swearing. no more being vulgar. im back from Singapore. i typed the wrong date in my last post...i'm still living in November cuz i dont want my holidays to end and SPM to start.

im way too lazy to put up my pictures at the moment. let alone upload them. i'll do them when i feel like it. the bus ride home was like...i wanna sleep but i can't and i ended up rereading my manga. and then got headache la.

everyones counting down for CF. and yes i'm getting sick and tired of hearing it. but i still put on a little act and go all "yeah im so excited too!!!". and i repeat the same lines for everyone that says that asking me what im doing and crap. now all i need to do is get my parents to let me stay over at my granduncle's so that it'd be nearer to sunway pyramid. or else my parents might just complain and say it's too far and decide not to let me go. pfffttt...touch wood...i wanna go...

somehow i find myself feeling really scared for some reason i do not know why. and it's not because of spm. it's like half the time when i've got nothing to do my mind starts thinking about nonsense that makes me feel at lost or something. i dont know what's troubling me but i know there's something that is. i come back and i feel somehow so outcast. time to change my blogskin again...woots!!!!

haih. tuition starts again. time to start studying. gosh. somehow i dont want to embrace the start of 2009. year of SPM. year to crap every last bit of crapation into my brain. yeah. nowadays i suffer from lack of sleep. i'm suppose to start on all my requests soon. but it's all such a killer damn it...

list of request to do:
[lets start with the hardest]
1. part 1: character design
part 2: part 1's character into yaoi manga page
2. ff3 [some charc i forgot her name] in battle with ff6 phumbaba[oO]
3. OC request[some robotic figther girl]
4. tattoo design [Pisces]
5. Fhyrn

half of the request i've been through...gosh...you people are killing me...
so i'm like stuck with what to do with the yaoi manga part of the freaking request...xD

gosh i saw the set of copics markers at sg!!!! darn...then my eyes went to the price tag...$$$$$$$$
*cries* nvm...i can't afford it...

darn...im not supposed to swear...but my sister's being such a &^%&^@!%#&!@$#%@$#!^%#

oodles of love,

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