01 December 2008

** Ninety Six **

tuition just started. dying of boredom with 2 hours of bio and 2 hours of physics. WTF. so i sit there taking random shots of myself. well i still listen...
why the hell did they change the physics teacher...damn it...
and now i have a gay physics teacher who writes every single word he says on the board and cracks up lame jokes. and asks us to spell like we're in kindegarten. somehow he's a good teacher. but i still want the old oneeee...lawls...maybe partially cuz he's much better looking...wakakakakakaka...owh well...
one more month and my holidays are over
and then it's time to cramp my brain with all the stupidity of the world
and sit for my freaking spm
and after that don't even ask me what im going to do
cuz i myself dont know

i have to get started on that commonwealth essay thingy soon
and i havent even started
i dont even know which topic to choose
and owh puhleezzeee 1750 words is very very very short
how the hell do you expect me to write within a frame like that
this is what happens when i have to limit my words
my essay sucks...

since it's the holidays
and no one's gonna see it anyway
even if it doesnt come off



i spent the entire night fussing on it

so awesome right...xD


guess where it is...


i wonder how long it'd stay

cuz i used permanent markers

cuz if i didnt my efforts wouldnt go to waste

and the neck ache i had wouldnt go to waste


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