08 January 2009

** Hundred and Four **

first and foremost. NO i have not abandoned my beloved blog of mine.

first day of school has never been a joy for anyone. yes. i hate the fact that my sister is here this year as well. so irritating. i am completely spaced out now, today, yesterday, day before. blah.
photography duty on the first day of school. i was hardly paying attention to what was happening let alone what i had to take. plus i didn't have my camera. i don't really like using other ppl's cameras for the simple fact that i'm not used to it. well at least i didn't need to go on with my duty for the rest of the day. though i was supposed to.
form 5 this year and how does it feel?!?! i had to drag myself out of bed, strain my eyes cuz i had to turn on the lights. get dressed. i packed my bag the day before.
then i had taekwondo after 2complete months without training. my legs hurt after that. 20 sit ups didnt hurt as much as i'd expect. after all, all i've been doing during the holidays is sleep, eat, laze around. that's about it.
Wednesday was time for duty again. my legs hurt and i still had to scale up and down the flights of stairs. at least i only did half a day's duty. and i love add maths!!! then we celebrated Miss Goh's birthday.
i didnt knowwwwww..........
not like i careddd much....
so take the bloody pictures. sing the bloody song. wish Miss Goh. write in the duty book. run up to bio lab tell the class to continue. run back down. take more pictures. yakity yak yak yak. return to bio lab. crap for a while. then took Pn. Chieng's books down. darn i should've payed attention to the CD. she asked where we stopped and i was like "shit shit shit shit shit shit shit...". so i crapped out something la. whatever it is.

yeah. i am tired out now. even after sleeping. and i still have the timetable, duty crap to do. plus the class deco.

tomorrow is friday. thank god for that.
but i have tuition...damnation....
i'm very very very very...tired.....

*pops dead on the keyboard*

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