25 August 2010

** Two HUndred and Sixteen **


was my distraction for the night while driving home. so pretty!! =3

yes. i took the shot. with the freaking camera. and photoshopped it a bit.

i never knew how hard it was to take a shot of the moon. at the begining all i could take was a white freaking dot. A FREAKING DOT. ( and an extra one from the reflection of the moon light ) then after playing around experimenting with the settings.


ok. when i took this picture. i zoomed no doubt. and the moon was still quite small. all i did was cropped the picture. so that the moon seems clearer when the picture is smaller to fit into my blog. so for all the haters who would claim tat i photoshopped this photo, i did. to get the details out and to sharpen the edges of the moon. that is all i did.


had GP test today. i wrote about "a day without reading is a day wasted". well technically my writing skills suck now. i rarely do any creative writing. and i have to keep in mind not to start my sentences with "and".

then i got back my physics paper today. sigh. lets not go there.

what else about today.

played diabolo with miao miao, eugene & jiun wai. then went for dinner with eugene & jiun wai. drove them home. and then drove myself home.


Stress = Force / Area
Pressure = Force / Area

Stress = Pressure
When your area increase, you have less stress and less stress means less pressure.
So bigger people have less stress & pressure.
When people forcing you increases, your stress increases and pressure increases.

makes sense no?



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