07 August 2010

** Two Hundred and Nine **

today yesterday EUGENE CHOY turns 18!!! which means he can legally watch porn now...xD

so we had it planned that we'd take the bus to sungai wang and go for Karaoke!! yeah the long delayed plan to go for it has finally commensed!! =D

so after class, we all went to Yue Ting's place near TBR. i parked my car there. then we had some change of clothings and then went to wait for the bus. then we took the bus to sungai wang.

then we went to Green Box to sing song. =D

so yeah. summary of what we did. jumping about on the seats. screaming out lungs out. passing around the mic. JIUN WAI SANG!!! WENDY SANG!!! mer win as usual la...LOL CHERRIE SING UNTIL NO VOICE STILL WAN SING.


then we finally decided to eat at GASOLINE.

food wasnt all that good. but we were all hungry. xD

after food. we all headed home. which was around 9something close to 10.

photo in the elevator before leaving!

then sam, merwin, min yue, cherrie n i took the train back to TBR.

yes. by then i was extremely exhausted. not to mention the fact that it was the time of the month. shesh.

but i had fun today. ^^


i came home n my mum scolded me just cuz i didnt want to get up tomorrow at 9 to buy crabsticks.



i had my MS presentation. and somehow i never liked going to the front to talk. its not that i wasnt prepared. i was.

but somehow when i stood in front of my classmates and my lecturer everything went blank. its like i had dyslexia and my notes, i didnt understand them.

most of the time i dont mind talking in front. but when it comes to things that are factual. practically things i cant randomly make up. i crash and burn.

standing in front there for god knows how long was like being in a haunted house. i couldnt hear myself think. its like my brain went dead on me. and i conviniently forgotten everything i had in mind. i was shaking in front there. i know i was. i found it hard to breathe. like somehow something was choking me.

i do not know wat happened.

all i know is i screwed up.

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