24 August 2010

** Two Hundred and Fifteen **

first and foremost. ( i wonder why i have never thought of doing this ). thank you all for your...as we do on facebook, "LIKES" to my previous post. ^^V

i'm kinda running out of things to blog about. XD

ou kayyy...why does my internet keep disconnecting >__>


its been awhile from since i got my license and passed my freaking driving test. i drive to college everyday now. and back of course. either than the way home and to college, im completely useless. xD

but as i drive i find it hard to focus on the road. suddenly there's like so many things happening around, i wanna see all. LOL. HECK!! i even get distracted by cloud formations. and road kill rats. and trees. LAWLS!! OMG. its extremely hard for me to focus on driving. sometimes my mind might wonder off somewhere and i forget to control the car. its like, ill be driving and suddenly i'll think of what's for dinner or start dancing in my head. OTL

since we're in the driving topic. i left home at 6:40 am yesterday. the usual i leave to avoid the jam. yes. it happens every morning. LOL. usually it still moves when i leave at 6:40am. but yesterday. OMG IT JAMMED ALL THE WAY TO THE PASAR BORONG THERE!!! and i was literally STUCK in that stretch for ONE FREAKING HOUR!!! D< and everyone was calling me asking where class was changed to. so there was this proton behind me and he wanted to change to the right lane. he went halfway and then the lane wasnt moving. so technically his car was slanted and he was blocking the way for the motorcylist. as usual. being malaysians they were honking and pissed as usual. then the funniest thing happened.

there was this old man on his bike. and he slowed down and edged his bike as everyone did. but i guess he was so pissed with THAT proton. he hit the car. he literally put his hand into a fist and hammered it down on the car.

i LOL-ed so hard in the car.

Yeah. i do this too. but technically i dont need to look at the keys to text. XD. still. the one reason i wait for a red light is to finish a text. hahahaha.

and i have NEVER liked driving with my parents in the car. especially my mum. first of all. i have to drive slow. slower than usual. second, she keeps lecturing me about driving while im driving. OMG. I FINISHED MY DRIVING LESSONS ALREADY!!! what?!?! i'm in driving college now? so i have to attend your lectures??!?! some people are just bad front seat passengers.

I WILL ADMIT IT!!! I SUCK AT PARKING!!! i literally take forever to fins a parking and park the freaking car. and im driving a small car. OTL.


lets top it all off with...



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August 28, 2010 at 3:36 PM

i have to drive slow. slower than usual. second, she keeps lecturing me about driving while im driving. driving lessons manchester

August 30, 2010 at 7:41 PM

Yeaaaa tat happens a lot to me as well...>< keep having to drive slow