06 July 2009

** Hundred and Thirty Nine **

stupid school. stupid teachers. stupid rules.

i don't mean to complain. but it's sometimes just down right stupid. my hair right now is like not so long and not so short but its over the collar. so by law i have to tie. even if it's only a 5cm long tail. and my bangs end up dangling. it's not like my hair is all bushed up like some afro style or something. it's neat . even my fringe is not falling all over my face. if my hair was extremely messy i would understand.

the school is such a biatch.

i think she loves me or something. by sheer luck she'd just bump into me. like today. my hair's tied up. ribbon tied. extra piercings off. bangs behind my ears. fringe to the side. just that my bangs sometimes slide to the front so i have to contantly push them back. just so happen i was walking this way and she was walking that way and our paths cross.

so she caught me for the second time. and asked me why i was out of class without a pass. hello lady!!! did u not see me walking with my class teacher there?!?! are you blind?!?! so i told her i was following my teacher to the hall. i guess she didnt hear me cuz she insisted i get back to class. then she threaten to tell and get me fired. i'm ending my school year already. does that matter?!?! so yeah she ask me to pin up like all the blody teachers here do.

i told her i'd get the pins from some prefect. heck. it be down right stupid if i pulled out pins from my pocket and my hair isn't pinned. and that'll just add to the lecture. and the bloody lady give me 5 minutes to get down to the hall and up three floors to show her. WOW. i went down the stairs. screw her. screw her. screw her. screw her. pinned my hair on the second floor and walked back up. showed her. and she asked me what class i was so i told her. and she just accused me for being the one who contributed the demerit to my class. for your information, i have NEVER gotten a demerit this year. so EFF off lady. and then that whole "you're form5 and you should be an example to your junoirs...bla...bla..bla..." what the junoirs need is a lot of self checking. cuz they're a whole lot of biatches just like the school. personally i'm not bothered what shit the junoirs turn out to be cuz they're a pain.


di mana dia-ah-ah. anak kambing saya-ah-ah.
anak kambing saya-ah-ah. tercekik makan fish ball.

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