29 July 2009

**Hundred and Fourty Four**

I fell today. Trying to squeeze Theeviyah to the door. Slippery floor. Frictionless shoes. And a stupid act. I fell in front of class. Got back up and started laughing. I can't load the picture here with my dad's phone. So the picture's on my facebook page. Whoever wants to see how hard I fell. Search my full name and look for my all famous face. I need to catch up on my physics. I miss my tuition classes and the teacher in schol does give a damn. All she wants to do is finish the syllabus. So I have to do self studying. Gosh. Time to study. I have one month to buck up before my trials. So those seeking me on msn or yahoo I won't be around unless I need to. If it's really urgent like ur gonna die in five seconds then okay. Or else don't bother me.

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