20 July 2009

** Hundred and Fourty Three **

i know i've been neglectig my blog. even if i were to blog everyday i'd be saying almost the same things.

i need to start studying.


we were in maths class and [T] said, "sin cos tan." and [L] from the other end of the class exclaimed, "sign contract?!"

Homophone. [K] said, "Homofolk?!" [R] said, "Fomoholk?!"

i was yawning like nobody's business that day so [K] said to [R], "I'm yawning." and [R] went, "Johnny?!"

we were in class doing duty. as usual [T] is screaming like some aunty, "Push Slightly! like a lady!" then [K] said,"Ladies don't susun meja!" [T] said, "Then what are we?! Terminator?!?"

we were getting up from the benches after eating to go for practise. i got up with my sketch book in my hand and accidentally swung and hit [M]'s chest and she exclaimed, "Ouch! My Butt!"

i don't know what was happening but [R] said to dudu, "Move your leg! Chicken leg!"

[T] was singing, "Vai know you vant vee." (i know u want me)

[R] was doing duty. [T] asked her to throw the rubbish but she didn't want to. [R] did anyway and left the dustbin on top of the bigger dustbin and said, "Class report. Dustbin di atas dustbin."

it was add maths class. Pn. Chan was teaching trigo and said, "2pai(π)" and [K] happily excliamed, "Squirrel!!"
then we were drawing the tangent graph and [S] said, "Who drew near the air kentut?!" (acentode)

[R] sang, "1-300.." [K] continued, "Squirrel, squirrel!" [T] added, "Nut Mac Special Delivery!"

[T] was asking for graph paper from [S] and [S] scolded, "Does my face look like some graph paper man to you?!"

[T] said during class, "My heart was laughing inside."

[T] went, "UHH!! UH!! UHH!" (monkey sound) and [SH] went, "Why you giving your native sound all?!?" then [S] said, "Babboon in the shower!" and [T] responded, "UH! UH!! UHHH! SOAP!! UH! UHH! UHHH!! SOAP!!"

we were making noise in class and [L] said, "EH! don't make noise! Public!" and [K] said, "What?! Bubbling?!"

[M] said, "Different colour." and [T] exclaimed, "Fertile colour?!?!"

we were on our way back from the canteen and [T] asked, "Did you watch 10 000 B.C.?!" and [L] exclaimed, "Plankton's house is missing?!?!"

we were packing up out stuff to go home and [T] said to [R], "Ramya, the yellow train is gonna come out." and we just stood there and continued talking and [K] asked, "I tought the yellow train was going to come out?!" and [T] said, "It went back into the terminal."

[L] said, "later Pn Chan said i nyanyuk." and [Jo] said, "Pn Chan gonna play piano?!?"

[K] said, "Premutation." [T] exclaimed, "Pre-omelette-tation?!"

we were in sejarah class and [S] said, "Lee Kuan Yew." [K] said, "ikan yu?!"

[R] was singing in class, "Why'd you have to take my loveee..." then [S] said, "I didnt take your Michael." and [T] contributed some more, "Huh?! Somebody wants to cycle?!"

it was maths class so the teacher said "Greenwich Meridian." and [R] looked at me and said, "Green DIsh Meridian?!?"

i banged my head on my table and [R] said, "She's blob...eh...no...BOB"(from monsters vs aliens)

Umi wanted to pay school fees so she said, "School fees." then [K] said, "Snow peas?!" and [T] another one, "Sushi?!"

then i was doing my work during class and finished so [K] exclaimed, "Teacher, i finito!!" and [T] said, "What?! Your cornetto?!"

Pn Judy was in class and said, "That can wait." [M] said, "Black and red?!" [R] added, "Black and head?!"

[R] was singing in class again and Andrea said, "Ramya you're spoiling the song." and [R] replied, "If i wanna spoil or coil or pour oil and make cincau, why do you care?!?!" and [T] exclaimed, "Then it'll be OIL CAU!!"

[T]:Noise source.
[R]:Noise sauce?!?
[T]:Yeah. The cousin of soy sauce.

some girl came into class calling some girls so she read from the paper, "Umi...ah...Uma..." then [S] said, "We have a new student in our class, UMA! relative of puma." and [T] said, "Uppuma?!" and [K] said, "Kurma?!"

[K]:Yellow train
[T]:Yellow shit?!
[K]:Yea. My shit got sulphur for you la...
[T]:Yea. maybe it's a mixture of tweety.

[L] exclaimed during class, "Winter in Melbourne." and [R] looked at me and said, "We'll turn into turbans?!?!" and [T] went, "Who hang curtain?!"

i ate pedas today and was laughing so hard it hurts so [K] told [T]," Shut up la. i'm gonna vomit out my pedas!!" and [T] said, "Peanuts?!"

Pn Ong was teaching today and she said, "(b) how?" and [R] looked at [K] and the both of us exclaimed, "Pu Yau?!"

[T]:I was sitting on the sofa...
[Jo]: Stove-fa?!
[T]:What?! There's a stove in the sofa?!
[R]: Yeah. then when you sit one it, it'll be like...fuuussshhhh!!!
[T]: Like some jacuzzi. JAKUTA!!


now i need to rush to do my homework.
oh almost forgot

[T] = theeviyah
[L] = lavania
[R] = ramya
[K] = kong (me)
[Jo] = joanna
[S] = syarifah
[Sh] = shangeeth

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