10 July 2009

** Hundred and Fourty Two **



honestly i am VERY ticked with my school. and i personally am VERY DISAPPOINTED with my class.

we had drama practise today. signed and confirmed. in black and white. we had first 3periods of add maths. Pn. Chan took the first Pj period as well. so Josephine showed her the permission slip and it was so OBVIOUS she was UNHAPPY with it. "Go la. It's signed already. I can't do anything about it." we took our stuff and went down to practise.

i don't understand WHY was she so irritated with us going out. it's not like we LOVVVEEEEE to skip add maths. and she claims its "VERY HARD" to get the Pj period for add maths. Miss Boey was opening the period for ALL SUBJECT TEACHERS WHO NEEDED THE PERIOD. and asking was very hard?! is it Pn Chan?!?! and Pn Chan was pin pointing LAVA throughout the ENTIRE CLASS. bombarding her. just because she was the only one in class, amongst those that were active cause most of us were in the drama. and Shangeeth wasn't there. LAVA sat somewhere in front and she just kept going on and on at her. she asked rethorical questions and expects LAVA to say the answer she expects. Pn Chan asked LAVA, "Don't you find your class mates very proud?!" and LAVA said, "No." who are you to judge whether we're proud or not Pn Chan. You're not god to be the judge of our character. have you seen yourself in the mirror?! maybe i should get yoou one for your birthday since maybe the one you have is broken. then Pn Chan went, "Don't you feel like you're in groups when you're in clas?! unlike other classes." in groups?! IN GROUPS?! 4Sc1[2008] was the MOST UNITED CLASS in the history of united classes. what do you mean in groups. wrong move Pn Chan. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. COMPARE US WITH THE OTHER CLASSES. NEVER. i don't understand why all teachers have to do this. compare. compare. compare. during P&P, Pn Chan went, "Okay, answer anyone?! except for LAVA cuz her heart is with them downstairs." what is your problem Pn Chan. not happy with us going for drama go tell Pn Ng or something la. don't fucking pin point on LAVA. and just because the rest of the GROUP1 elements aren't there, doesn't mean you can pick on the one that's left. excuse me Pn Chan. give me ONE VALID reason, WHY we had to thank you for letting us go?! even if you didnt let us go, we would've went. WE HAD PERMISSION FOR THE HIGHER AUTHORITY. why the fuck would we even think of saying thank you and when all you said when Josephine showed you the slip was, "Go la. It's signed already. I can't do anything about it." what do you want us to say Pn Chan?! Thank you for letting us go against your will?!?! if you haven't notice Pn Chan, you've just UNLEASH MONTHS of wound up emotions on one girl. and you had to pick the perfect time to do it. you just had to fucking do it didn't you?!?! and you call us rude. Pn Chan asked, "LAVA, why you didn't join the drama girls? you wanted to join right?!" seriously Pn Chan. i would've shouted at you even if it meant throwing me out of school and demeriting our class and whatever bullshit the school's going to do to me. you were being unreasonable to LAVA. you were being unreasonable to us. i got to hand it to you. YES. we are noisy and playful. since when were we ever RUDE. LAVA was just encouraging Shangeeth cuz she couldn't do the question, "remember the song Miss Goh taught us?!" then Pn Chan overheard, "What. Are you going to sing in class?" personally. what the fuck is wrong with you and singing?!? it's not like we're tone deft or something. we sing nice songs okay. and she made LAVA sing the song Miss Goh taught us when we were in Form3. and made a statement, "Ya. Maybe i should sing that song before i enter your class." seriously Pn Chan. i don't mean to be rude. but do you have to do such a thing?! was it really neccessary to go all out and bombard all of us.

and what hurts me the most is NONE OF YOU SAID ANYTHING. all you guys did was sit there and let LAVA take the beating. i tell you, FATIN and HANANI you two better fuck off. go jump off a building. before i do something far worst to you two. you know what they said?!! they said, "Memang pun. Group depan tu memang selalu over." you wanna piece of me bitches!! just because you dumb retards cannot speak don't need to take it out on those that ACTUALLY SPEAK UP. heck you can get all the A1's you want biotches. lets see how you do when it comes to the interview. i don't understand. what's wrong with speaking up?! HELLLOOOOO PN CHAN WAS DISSING OUR CLASS. DO SOMETHING!

you know. if you didn't like us making so much noise in class. you could always tell us. its not like we'll beat you up. instead of saying things as if shooing us away.

well. in this case, "us" no longer reffers to all 34 of us.

so this marks the date where ZAMAN KERUNTUHAN KAMPUNG SEMANGAT starts.


the only thing i can do now.
is hope that this crumpled up paper can be perfect again.

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