29 April 2009

** Hundred and Twenty Seven **

i just realized.
it's been almost a year since i first posted my first post.
a figment of my life has wasted 365days.

well something funny happened today

Umi was playing with the jelly thing we put in the plant. and she kinda threw one at Ramya and I and it kinda landed in between us. at that time i saw her throwing somehting but i didn't really bother what. Joanna was screaming at Umi for that.
so during Bio, we were checking our papers and i kinda noticed the jelly Umi threw. i picked it up and put it on Ramya's black book.

Ramya: What's this?!?! why putting on my book all!! want me to put on your sketch book issit?!
Kong: *sneers*
Ramya: *takes her book with the jelly on top*

ramya wanted to put the jelly on Andrea's table. but...

Ramya: OMG. i think it fell.
Kong: *laughs*
Ramya: I think it went into her bag weiii
Kong: *continues laughing*
Ramya: *goes scavenging Andrea bag*
Andrea: *notices* Eh...what you doing?!
Ramya: my eraser fell.
Andrea: oh...*puts hand in her bag to help find*
Ramya: *stands there*
Andrea: what's this?!?! [the jelly thingy broke in her bag]
Ramya: i dunno. *turns to me and starts laughing silently*
Kong: *burst out laughing*
Ramya: i think it's that jelly thing.
Andrea: how did it get here?!?!
Ramya: i don't know...my eraser not there ar...

how could you Ramya!!!!

okay one more...
today we had 2.10
so our last period was bio bio
Pn. chieng entered.
we were waiting for the bell to ring
all of us was waiting for the bell to ring

Pn. Chieng: why is the bell not ringing?
Kong: because the bell dun want to ring.
Pn. Chieng: close the door then the bell will want to ring.

i was like

for once...
in 5sc1 history
there was PIN DROP SILENCE for 5MINUTES!!!!
like serious silence weiii
well i was containing my laughter
somehow my class being quiet was funny to me

time to study...


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