15 April 2009

** Hundred and Twenty One **

gosh intervensi is like next week.
and then after that is diagnostic.
rachel kong.
WTF are you doing in science stream
when you're gonna end up doing art&design.
WTF are you doing in science stream
when you're going to end up doing something out of the sciences.
WTF am i doing man....

okay. i need to study soon.
my biology is in ICU already.
so is my add math if i dont do anything about it.

i haven't done my moral project as well
and it needs to be handed in before diagnostic

i shall only sleep when i need to
i shall drown myself every second of the day
i need a break from all this damn it
it seems to just get worst day by day
and yet some ppl say tomorrow's better than today
everyday seems to just get worst

and right now i've started procrastinating on my work
which technically is not good
so i find myself trying to decide whether to be sleepy and do my work
and drag my feet to school tomorrow like a zombie
or have the rest i need and not completing my work
and rush my work at school or find ways to get out of it

so yeah i have to decide what i'm gonna do soon
well if i don't
i'd just do form6
but right now even form 6 is scary damn it
everything's scary after form5
i'd rather keep sitting for SPM

well i was VERY agitated yesterday...
some people just don't realize the importance of privacy
cuz they just can't help but stick their FUCKING nose into everything single thing

well i'm off to finish my work.
i went senile the week i lost my beloved sketch book.
whoever took it...
you better hope i don't find you...
you useless piece of shit...


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