02 May 2009

** Hundred and Twenty Eight **




i've got a very awesome story line i thought of today
but i have to study

sickening internet connection

someone right now is looking pretty tired
staring at every line of bullshit
that comes by em'
someone right now is wondering why they'd do this
to walk every street
and not no where to go
and someone right now is sleeping in the darkness
while his neighbour downstairs is sick and tired
wondering where his car went
someone right now is sick and is tired
of being sick and tired of every single shit
tossed right in his face
someone right now is bleeding in his apartment
while his brother's pacing out
with his loot under his coat

stop bugging me
Linkin Park fans ur Shinoda Art of urselves will come soon enough
i'll do after diagnostic
i need to bring up my grades
first come first serve basis...xD
i'll give u the original damn worry

Shindo Art list
01. Alice
02. Joshua
03. Weng Lian [fish]
04. Brian
05. Benjamin [robot]
06. Grace
07. Lancer
08. Frit
09. Ling Ling
10. Heng Hao [frog]
11. West
12. Carrie
13. Ed
14. Edd
15. Justin
16. Esther Lim

**Matt you gotta buy me the a plain WHITE shoe of ur size of you want your shoe design**

do be patient ppl.
the list is long and i have other things besides making shinoda art on my peeps.

i'm scared just typing out the list ><

what to write what to write


i've got nothing to write
ou well...



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