16 April 2009

** Hundred and Twenty Two **

i feel so happy today

gosh...i wonder why...

i'll tell you!!!! XD

well today Apple jie was ONLINE!!!!

gosh it's been like ages since i talked to her since

she left malaysia

Apple's now teaching in the UK

for all you peeps who don't know...

well that wasn't what i was exstatic about

one of her students there showed her

my webpage on DA!!!!

and she told them she knew me

and they started planning a school trip to malaysia

so that she could take them to meet me!!!

*cheh..perasan pulak*
well then again...i don't really consider my art like awesome...
it's kinda shitty really...xD
but i have fans in the UK!!!!
do you?!?!?!?!!?
*hidung kembang dah....*
but...the down side was...
they all thought i was like 10 or 11 years old

kay...next thing...
yeah..the one and only joshua got his CD out and running
well i don't know whether it'll be released to public
but guess what...i got the autographed one!!!
i'll sell it on e-bay once he gets famous!!!!
well...josh u better work hard this time...
don't go haywired again
i slap you ar if u screw this up!!!
i really will

there was like ceramah for the whole day practically
and i did my lisan today!!!!
yeah it's a great thing okay....
well i never liked the sunway college people
therefore i aint going there!!! xD
besides yee wei's going there
i don't think i want to see my cousin for the entire duration i'm around campus
okay anyway
i was kinda happy with myself today
i ate PEDAS!!!!
one day dont eat cannot
i'm like addicted to it or something
*slaps forehead* what am i talking about
cuz its so awesome
but today's one i put 3 spoons and i finish the soup
it's not spicy at all
cuz usually when i eat i'll be like crying at the first sip
so i should've put 4 spoons...xD
then my intestines feel like it's burning
i feel like a dragon!!! xD
okay okay...
over happiness...
love ya~

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