28 April 2009

** Hundred and Twenty Six **

first of all...
WTF weiii...i got like 50 for my Physics!!! 50. FIFTY. FIVE ZERO.
damn. the one science subject i was certain i'd get A1
well i tell you how much stupidity i committed.
15 minutes before the paper ended. i tore and rewrote my experiment to the constantan wire bullshit.
GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!
the orginal i answered and tore and threw into the bin was the right experiment.
i was like....
ARGHHHHHH!!!!! *stranggles self*

second of all...
who the hell are those girls that gave their name for the stupid "treasure hunt"
i will kill you all for not showing up
end up Lava, Me, Andri, Yee Wen, Ezzaty had to take part
well actually it wasn't even a treasure hunt
we just had to act according to some title they gave us
GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!
our drama had no lines
we were just mumbling gibberish
how awesome is that!!!!!
we do stand a chance to win something....i think
cuz we did awesome for something without lines XD

third of all...
tuition was just...tuition
well i was doodling in tuition as usual to pass the time
cuz it sejarah add maths and maths today
i suddenly had this burst of idioticity

well if u can't make out what i wrote
i can't really help you there...

fourth of all...
i was waiting in the car for my mum to pack dinner
and i heard we the king's new song...
though they're a bunch of UGLY fellas
but their songs tell a whole different thing
so the song ringing in my head
We The Kings-Secret Valentine

we'll write a song
that turns out the lights
when both boy and girl
start suddenly shaking inside
don't waste your time
speed up your breathing
just close your eyes
we'll hope it's not for nothing at all

well my finger still hurts a bit from stapling myself
but no biggie
i'm very proud of it actually
it's the 2nd time in my life i staplered myself
so awesome


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