05 July 2010

** Two Hundred and One **

TARCollege Talent Time Night 2010
Date: 4th July
Venue: College Hall
Theme: 70s' Old School

overall i think it was okay. not extraordinary. just okay. like your regular school performance. the only difference is its at night and its not so much filtered by the teachers. LOL. so as usual all the girls on stage shakes their asses. the good performances were amazingly awesome. the bad onces are just plain bad.

i was sitting somewhat at the back. so bear with the horrible pictures.

i got lazy towards the end. so i didnt really cover the entire event's photos. i'm too lazy of a person. and i didn reduce the noise in the pictures. once again too lazy to do so. LOL

went with a couple of my classmates. Merwin, Jiun Wai, Kar Mun and John.

That's all folks~

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