11 July 2010

** Two Hundred and Two **

i have finally found something to blog about.

it seems to have taken the world by storm. of the millions of fans who are willing to camp outside just to await the sun rise to catch the movie. of millions of fan to squeal over them. of millions of fans to bought merchandises after merchandises. of fans who have them printed on their bed sheets. of fans to stare at their faces day in day out.

and it has irritated me so.

i was a fan. WAS. i came across this book 3years ago browsing through the shelves of MPH. i found the cover nice and decided to get it. yes. i know not to judge a book by its cover. but i trust my instincts. i fell in love with it. and at that moment in time, vampires were the coolest thing on the planet to me. literally. LOL. and so i went introducing the book, Twilight, to my classmates. and my book went circulating for almost half a year before i had it back in my hands. yes. stephenie meyer created a fantasy that fed the minds of young girls. she created characters like, Edward, that no doubt became the ideal man for every girl that flip those pages. he became mine too.

i followed on. when New Moon came out. i wasn't surprised when i found it boring. it wasn't as captivating anymore. as you guys remember, Edward left Bella in New Moon. and all she was doing was whining about how lonely she is without him and how empty she felt. maybe stephanie didn't realize this. but to me, New Moon made Bella look desperate. it was as if she couldn't live without Edward. technically that's how the entire story goes. but what's worst is how she ended up sticking to Jacob after Edward went away. Bella was cheap.

presistently i followed and bought Eclipse as well. honestly. the books were getting painfully boring by the pages. maybe its the constant drama in the story that keeps readers reading. but i've grown tired of it by this book. so in this book there're a string of murders. and so the Werewolves and Vampires joined forces and to do what? keep the cheap bitch Bella safe. see, if Bella had already made her mind that she loves Edward so freaking much. why did she kiss Jacob in the first place?! even if it was to keep him from joining the fight. and im sure Edward and especially Bella is aware that Jacob likes Bella. so WHY THE FUCK do you discuss your engagement with him around?!?!?! its painful how Bella treats Jacob. maybe love does blind people. or maybe its cuz Edward's sparkling in the sun. (as far as i know...vampires melt in the sun stephenie).

Bella loves Jacob, but Bella loves Edward far more. ouch.

Yes. i went to buy Breaking Dawn as well though knowing that it would be murderously boring. the final book of the saga. so, Edward and Bella goes on a honey moon. so Bella get pregnant (no surprise there) and its a half vampire child (duh). this book practically circulates around Bella's child. so Bella almost died on childbirth cuz the baby broke most of her bones and thus Edward lovingly tries to save her and turns her to a vampire ("wheee"). and more bloody (hahah) drama about the kid and how it may pose a threat to the secret of vampires being around. yadda yadda. and they lived happily every after. i was bored to death reading this book.

so that was the end of the books. i was pretty contented really.

until they decided to make a movie. and i saw THIS!


so yeah. i simply despised the movie. i didn't bother watching it even if i am a fan of the book. first of all. i don't understand what you fan girls of Robert Pattinson see in him. WAKE UP GIRLS. just because he plays a role of a vampire doesn't make him the dream man you read in the pages of Twilight. i have NEVER imagined Edward Cullen to look like THAT. in other words, Robert Pattison ruined MY IMAGE of Edward with his goddamned fugly-ness. im sure there are better looking guys out there to play Edward. WHY HIM?!?! Bella. oh she's as FUGLY as he is. period. who are you guys kidding trying to pull off as vampires. i can see the thick layer of powder on your face. oh. and i thought Bella is human. WHY IS SHE ALMOST AS PALE AS THEY ARE?!?! honestly, i wonder who did the casting for Twilight. D<

of all the Cullens. the casting of Alice was the best. =D
i'd imagine Alice like that when i was reading.

i have nothing to say about the werewolves. hahaha. i sound like a stereotype now. technically i see nothing wrong with the cast of werewolves. they would pass for wolves.

i almost choke on my burger the other day when i heard some idiot say Kristen Stewart is hot on the radio.


Twilight Pokemon Cards --> C L I C K H E R E

P.S. changing your last name to Cullen doesn't make you a vampire.

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