20 July 2010

** Two Hundred and Four **

" those two sisters what never shared a bit of similarity with her giggled and laughed and chuckled in her face. "never ever will you meet your prince cuz youre never ever going to step out of that door with all that dirt in your face." she grasps hard on the decrepit cloth crunched up under her worked hands. stayed where she was watching them merrily walts out leaving her broken for no mends. the crickets sing a little lullaby under the shimmering night by the plane. even as everything lays still she is still where she was sane. "

Listening to: Kagamine Rin & Len

since i screwed up my tests, i cant really do anything about it. i got back my Maths and Further Maths Pure test papers today. surprisingly it wasn't as bad as i thought. considering the circumstances where i technically didn't have any idea how to do the entire paper. and finally realized that i should write bigger so that i can see my mistakes more clearly. LOL. now i have to hope and pray i get at least 20 for my Applied Maths and Further Maths. gosh. i love maths. but its now my worst subject. damn.

I'M FREE TONIGHT!!! I SHALL DRAW!!! (when in actual fact i am not)

then maybe continue tomorrow in college when i wait for 2hours bfor class starts. and 1hour plus during MS.

lately i dont feel like going anywhere. it consumes a lot of energy. LOL. not that i'm saying i dont have enough energy to go out and hang out. its just. sometimes its nice to be alone. ^^.

so yeah i do feel sucky watching everyone get better marks than i do. its so frustrating. _no" its like a gamble whether you can see the answer or not. and sometimes your brain just gets stuck with THIS way and doesnt want to try another way. which results in the inability in getting the answer. CURSE U BRAIN!!

so i was doing nonsense again just now. i was talking to paul the octopus on facebook!!! XD

Q: How many tentacles do you have

A: No!

Q: U dont have tentacles?!?!?!?

A: Not at all. What kind of question is that?

Q: But ur an octopus!! Ur supposed to have tentacles

A: An octopus friend of mine predicted that they would eat me before the world cup. But he was wrong. so it's a NO

Q: do you like shoes?

A: I talked to Yoon Voon and he told me its a YES!

Q: are you still a virgin??

A: are you crazy? of course yes!

Q: u know what takoyaki is made of?

A: follow your heart. if you dont have visit the Mage of Oz.


A: No chance!


A: Yesterday they asked me the same thing. The truth is that YES.

Q: so ur a cannibal

A: No idea. I dont know that much? but i think it's a YES

Q: can you drive?

A: Dont talk about it!

and the one that PAWNS it all

Q: Do you eat unicorns?

A: Yes of course. Why would you think that

ahhh...bits of life that make it all worth a little bit more...


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