28 June 2010

** Two Hundred **

OMG! TWO HUNDRED ALREADY?!?! o_O! i blog too much. XD

today is monday. and i guess it wasn't so bad of a day. i sent my jeans to wash during the weekends. conviniently forgotten about monday. so all i did was wear a black pleated skirt, a white collared shirt and knee length socks. and for some reason, dressing so made my day really awkward. first of all i came to college and on my way in i bumped into a few seniors and they stared at me.

so today was filled with questions and comments about my dressing.

guess the day was pretty much ok cuz our applied lecturer's falling sick and decided to cancel the lecture in the afternoon. so yeah. practically everyone was really "devastated" when he told during the morning tutorial class. LOL.

so we had 2.5 hours break. i went back to H block after the first morning class to return the attendance book (before i forget again). then the Qclass people stared as well. since im walking by might as well ask where they're going for lunch. well i went to lunch at TBR with Elie, Yue Ting, Melvin, Jiun Wai and Eugene. Hahahahahaha! EUGENE BELANJA!!! (our drinks only tho... still better than nothing ^^) Jiun Wai so good...ask him order for me, he really go order for me. and the bowl of curry noodles was so "BIG".

after eating, they (as in melvin, jiun wai and eugene) was supposed to go do their MS folio. as far as i know. and i dont know how they ended up not going. i wanted to go CC to charge my MP3. too many ppl. so forget it. then we all went to the library. well practically everyone was there. i was sorta trying to understand my applied maths. and halfway through i felt so darn sleepy. i literally couldn't keep my eyes open. at least i brought my MP3. which surprisingly lasted the entire day with only half battery life left. =D

then had chemistry. which was ok i guess. just the fact that Jiun Wai kept figiting beside me making the chair squeak. LOL. and yes i was very sleepy at that time. after chemistry was physics. last class of the day! WOOT!!! =D the work she gave made me suddenly realize. i read first question, "shit! dunno." next question, "OMG! WTF IS THIS?!" third question, "uhhhhh...what?!" LOL. yeah i literally forgotten everything. kinda took me forever to get the concept again.

i had like 30minutes wait before my mum comes. went to Mr. Keong's place to hand in the chemistry tutorials with Jiun Wai. i decide to go to canteen and wait. then sat around with Merwin, Karmen, Nixon and two other guys whom i have forgotten their names. OTL. and they all decided to leave. i guess to pass the time, i copied Jiun Wai's answers for physics. damn i really need to revise on that. was going to draw my graph for further pure maths, but somehow the stupid question dont make sense to me. Orz. then i went n take out further applied for no reason. LOL. i was bored i think.

so nice of Jiun Wai to wait with me. =D Thank you~

mum let me drive home today. so here's what happened.

i was driving behind this taxi. who was so fucking slow. godamnit! drive on the left lane if you wanna drive like u have all the time in the world! so i got irritated. i switched to the left lane and overtook the stupid taxi. yeah. i just shoved the car in front of him. obviously he honked at me. then my mum was like telling me i shouldn't do that bla bla bla. after awhile, the taxi took the right and overtook me. and he literally was breaking non stop in front of me. D< yeah he kept staring at me from the rear view mirror. WHAT?! TAXI MAN?! NVR SEE BEFORE PRETTY GIRL AR?!?! if my mum wasn't in the car, i would've gave him the finger.

so fine my mum was like "leave him alone. dont get irritated. bla bla bla." fine. i went to the right lane and drove. i dont know WTF is this guy's problem. so i drove and like went pass the taxi at a corner. and he honked at me AGAIN!! idiot.


what a day...


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