12 June 2010

** Hundred and Ninety Seven **

so i had a two week break from college. i have my tutorial and Malaysian Studies folio to pass the time. not the mention the fact that the internet was down for more than a week. nothing to distract me right?


i spent the first week of my holiday, most of the time moaping around my house. since i just got my license and parents wont let me drive out and there's no car for me to use anyway. so i'm stuck at home. plus my parents are working. so what do i do at home with no internet. i sleep. i practically went into hibernation mode since the first day. and soon i start to loose track of what day it was. i did force myself to finish up a few of my tutorials. but i practically didn bother to try for those i dont know how to. just leave some space and move on to the next one.

well i sorta finished the Malaysian Studies Folio. just waiting to compile the opinions and we're set to print and bind and hand the bloody thing in and get it over with. the internet's finally back. but its the same piece of shit it was back then. i dont know why my dad still doesnt want to get me broadband. he's not sick of this SHIT streamyx give us. i am.

my drawing habits lessened like they did during SPM.

but i find myself day dreaming a lot lately. half the time, about stuff that dont make sense.

then again, most of the things i think about dont make sense.

i still have about a week to go before i go back to TARC. and do my class rep duties all over again. oh well. i love being at TARC rite...


there is not a day, i do not wish i was in TOA instead of TARC.


somehow or rather. the world i embrace seems a lot harsher than the world everyone else lives in. its like...

i dont know whats its like...

all i know is that it sucks.


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