23 January 2010

** Hundred and Sixty Two **

i went shopping these past few days
didn buy much
just the baju kurung cost a bomb
the other shirts i just took my mum's
and the pants too
its so nice sometimes
the simple fact that selayang mall sells nice stuff
and it's nearby my place



hohoho my new wallet

something else i found...


i'll be leaving tomorrow for UNITEN
no i am not nervous
no i am not even excited
no i am not scared
its like a little camp away from home
and i've been away from home
and my mum's making me bring practically the whole entire house along with me
i'm gonna have to start packing later
throw my stuff into some bag
i guarantee you that my mum makes me over pack
mothers will be mothers
i think if she could she'd make me bring the whole fridge there
just to make sure i dont starve to death
uhhh it feels like first day of shcool again
where my parents especially my mum gets all paranoid
and gets all worried i get lost
gets all worked up about silly little things
i bet she'd probably walk me to my room
literally into the apartment and into the room
which is extremely irritating
cuz she'd probably check the place out
make sure everything's in order
remind me to drink water
take care of my belongings
remind me to eat
make sure i reply her texts
and i probably have to force myself to
you know how its like when someone keeps texting you and you dont feel like replying and they just keep texting and texting and texting
and then she makes a big fuss about it when i dont reply
just grinning and bearing with it
i kinda dont mind the formal dressing
i dont mind the baju kurung either
i just have to adapt really
the ONE THING i really hope i dont end up with
is roommates who are those kind of girls
that hate girls like me
cuz they give a shit about how they look
i dont
cuz they give a shit if a strand of hair is out of place
i dont
cuz they organize everything
i dont
cuz they're all so prepped up for a new day
i'm not
i hate those girls and they hate me
feeling's mutual
the BEST THING i could have
is another Ramya as my roommate
oh yeah
all i need is ONE GOOD FRIEND to get through til march

alritey guys...
wish me luck ^^

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