21 January 2010

** Hundred and Fifty Nine **

Things do not change; we change.


i finished typing this post and click "publish"
then i get "internet explorer cannot open page"
i was like "WTF"

type again.

Adaptation is good. If you do not adapt, you become extinct.

i wonder how it's like in UNITEN. i hope it's fun there. besides the fact that they make me wear baju kurung on thursdays and fridays. and i have English and Maths and Moral. oh not forgetting my curricular activities. lol. then the sad fact is i have to stop dance class. i love dancing. well i guess i should bring my sketch book. in case i go crazy at some point. i can only wear office wear. which isnt so bad. then i bought a pair of shoes.cuz i cant exactly wear my converse with my baju kurung. lol. though i wouldnt care. but mum wont let me. maybe i'll go scouting for cosplayers there. hohoho.

ou its not sunny outside. i'll use the sliding doors outside as mirrors. dance dance dance.

lol...what do i care if my neighbours stare at me.

Dance like nobody's looking.

The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.

then my grandma would probably think i'm weird. lol.
maybe i wont run out and dance. i'll just stay up in my room and do whatever.

uhhh im gonna miss dance class...
then again. even if im going to study japanese intensively nobody said it wouldn't be fun...^^

Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious.


the last two years of my high school life was awesome. how i made friends. how new friends came along. how bonds were formed. it was something i was glad and proud to be a part of. then leaving the home we built on our own. the comfort zone we've been in for those two years. it felt as if i didnt know the world anymore. it was like i've entered a new world. and all i wanted to do was to turn back and return to the same sanctuary i had two years ago.
then i sit here. watching everyone change with time. change with age. how they all start to mature. and im still sitting here. then i realize how scary change really is. especially when you're the one witnessing it. it was scary to me. watching my friends grow up. from the little girls we all were. in our primary school uniform. to god knows what. lol.
one thing's for sure. class will never be the same without every single one of us. class will never be as fun. class will never be as lively. though there maybe instances where it reminded us of how it was. there's no rewind button for us. to press the rewind button and pause at our favourite parts. what we have left is the memories of the times we had together. the silent laughters. the awkward moments. the misinterpretations. the lame jokes. the random comments. the weird things we come up with. the weird names we give each other.

soon you will realize. you can no longer act as stupidly as you did then and not mind people thinking you're retarded or crazy.

cuz you have finally lost your inner child.

OMG very emo kong...*slaps head*
buh bye turbans xD

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