01 January 2010

** Hundred and Fifty Six **

back from paris and brussels.
going to johor tomorrow.

school starts on the 4th january.
time for me to buckle up.
and decide what im going to do with my life.
i dont think i'll be doing any of the sciences.
i make a terrible doctor.
i guess i would probably go into arts.
then i have to chooe between all the millions of branches.
but my dad says artist die a pauper
and they only get famous after they're dead
so what else do you want me to do
first of all i dont think any living breathing person wants to die a pauper.
second i dont think my art would go far
so that leaves my semi love for maths

the fact is
i'm afraid
i dont think i can do an office job
where everything is routine
where's the live in the job if you already know what's gonna happen
living in a spoilt tape recorder is no fun
i doubt i wanna sit in a cubicle everyday

i hate decisions
and now

there's no running from them

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