22 January 2010

** Hundred and Sixty One **

it's AMAZING what having only one meal a day does. yea. i get up around 11 or 12 so there goes my breakfast. and half the time i'm not hungry so i wont take lunch either. and i only settle for dinner. i've been doing practically that for the holidays since school started. so that's about 3weeks. and now my pants are falling off.

i dont starve myself. i'm just lazy. and i wasnt like hungry like i could eat just about anything you throw at me hungry. i didnt get gastric dont worry. and surprisingly i've curbed my addiction to coke. wow.

i've started packing for UNITEN. i'm still pondering on whether to bring my DSLR. so from monday to friday i'll be staying in an apartment with 3rooms. 2people to a room. and then saturday after class i'll be heading back home. which would be about afternoon. back to my bed. <3


*stares at campus map*
its gonna be a lot of walking...

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