03 January 2010

** Hundred and Fifty Seven **

i sat here and i was like. Damn. School's starting tomorrow. Get up at 5a.m.. get dressed. have breakfast. pack my books. head to school. then i was like. Shit. i'm not going to school anymore. no more homework. no more staying up to finish the homework. no more waking up early. no more sitting in class. no more greeting the teachers. no more running away from "the fairy". no more laughing in class. no more running away from Theeviyah to do duty. no more cooking sessions with Ramya. no more misheard words. no more toothpick. no more calling Michelle a retard. no more Lava Lameness. no more hearing Ramya read her awesome essays in front of class. And Lava's weird entertaining essays too. no more fart warnings from Syarifah. no more "masak-masak" with Ramya. no more cutting Ramya's leg hair. no more irritating Ramya. no more Ramya abuse. no more Ramya stealing my homework. no more everyone stealing my homework. no more washing my shoes. no more morning assembly. no more Miss Goh singing in the mic. no more being dragged by Ramya to do the stupidest things. no more laughing til i cant laugh no more. no more "i dunnooe". no more Pn.Judy's screaming. no more chicken eraser. i wonder if Ramya will take that eraser to college. no more avoiding lining up during recess.


that's a lot of "no more".

moving on.

been traveling the past few days.

paris was awesome. the chapels are so beautiful there. the faded limestones. the stained glass. it felt like i got sucked into the tv screen and were in a movie. though it didnt snow. i wasnt really bothered by it. it rained quite often. its amazing how everything is so well preserved there. the streets were lighted up at night. which made it even more made believe. i loved the way the streets looked. the eiffel tower was beautiful. some of the lights died so it looked weird but still its nice. i had to walk up 2floors of the tower. lined up at the wrong line. what the heck. but the view up there was spectacular.

i could go on and on about how beautiful the city was. but you honestly have to see it for yourself.

p.s. zoom the entire page if the pictures are too small for you. it wont distort. bigger picture prettier. xD

plenty of FAT pigeons there

crazy dude at the train station


One of the Chandeliers in the Opera House

In the Opera House

Three Buildings

Notre Dame

Feeding Pigeons

Making Of CHocolates

Outside The Lourve Museum

This shop sells homemade mustard. Famous for it. Its in Gent.

In The Castle

Atomium? Atominium?! I forgot


WOOT!! LV!! $$

Bike for rental

Stained glass

Stained glass

Mama Locker.
the father was sent to prison n wasnt given any food or water. his daugther visied him everyday and in the process fed him breast milk. they were surprised he survived without food and water. so there u have it. there's actually a sculpture of it at the top of the building. zoom.



Guess whatttt...



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