12 February 2010

** Hundred and Sixty Three **

。ひゃくろくじゅうさん の ポースト。

ok here's my daily routine in UNITEN.
get up at 7. catch the campus bus. get to class. have lunch. go to class again. catch campus bus. shower. dinner. homework. revision. sleep.
and i do it over and over again.

あさ しちじに おきます。バスで クラスえ いきます。 クラスから、ひるごはんを たべます。 それから もういちど クラスえ いきます。 バスで へやえ いきます。 それから シャーワを あびます。 ぺこぺこから、ばんごはんを たべます。 ともだちと しゅくだいを します。 それから ふくしゅを します。 たいへん ですね。 じゅうにじ ぐらい に ねます。

my class is called Heian.

わたし の クラス は へいあん です。

and the class representative is Wilson.

クラス の だいひょう わ ウィルソンさん です。

lol...ok i'll stop.
all in all it was a funy ride. the first three weeks. i'm so glad i'm in the first batch. xD. met a few otakus. some CF ppl. WHERE ARE THE COSPLAYERS?!?! uhhh...so sad...well i brought my camera to class. pictures are on facebook.

i've studied everything they're teaching within the 8weeks in the last 2years of saturday japanese classes. then again, i was half asleep during those classes. now is not the time to be slacking. i'm gonna have to get into the top 60. plus the interview at the end.general knowledge is not my thing. uhhh.

ou and maths!! oh dont get me started on maths! its worst than add maths man!! i am i person who loves add maths. and i find it hard. all the unknowns and the powers and the expanding and the factorisation. <(@_@)>

moral. i dont mind moral. the lecturer's bit off. but class is interesting. its more of like a self discovery class. lol.

english. english is fun cuz we have a fun lecturer. well it's more on presentation and speaking skills. and i screwed up my impromptu. ran out of topic. go figure. and its 15%. how sad.

KOKO. OMG KOKO. it doesnt suck as bad really. first class we did the chicken dance. which was funny cuz the guys were doing it funny. then we had to do some malay traditional dance. which was fun as well. surprisingly. then we had a boring session cuz it rained. then we went to the driving range!! yes. to play golf. and yes it was fun. my ball flew! my ball flew! well i had my share of air balls. LOL.

what else...

i dont have much to blog about...


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