17 June 2009

** Hundred and Thirty Two **

it is perposterous how the school send all the hundreds of us out to beg for money. it was fine. like a normal stupid donation drive thingy. not like we cared. it's our last year. oh yeah they use the money to "improve" the school and all that. heck. at least have the effort to get the prizes and hampers at your own cost. instead, you people are sitting on ur heads waiting for sponsors to get them for you. not a class has reached RM5000. so the juniors are so excited and all happy to collect money for the school. doesn't mean the seniors should.

honestly it's got NOTHING to do with my attitude. i've just made up our mind that i DON'T WANT to help the school. that i'd rather go out there and get myself the grand prize for the person who brings in the most money. because in actual fact, it cost much less to do so.

so i lack that persuasive power or whatever crap it is. asking me to collect donations feels lke begging for money. and it's not like i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE promoting and talking about the school. and just because we haven't reached our target and most of the people aren't really bothered, everyone has to donate. HAS TO. and the headmistress demanded to see everyone who hasn't contributed. probably another talk on attitude and giving back to the school after what the school has done for you.

wait a minute...

what HAS the school done for me?!?!


something Ramya & I did during physics class
i know...i'm a retard...

Jangan Percaya Ku [don't thrust me-30h!3]
dres hitam
dengan seluar dalam
ada nafas rokok akhir
dalam gigi aku
dia pelakon
tapi dia tak perlu
ada duit dari parents
dalam dana timur
selalu tekan pipi
bila lidah aku dalam gigi perempuan lain
b-beritahu bf mu
jika dia ada lembu
yang aku makan sayur dan aku tak takut kat dia

dia nak sentuh aku
dia nak cinta aku
takkan tinggalkan ku
woah oh oh
jangan percaya pelacur
jangan percaya pelacur
jangan percaya dia
sebab pelacur takkan percayaku

shush perempuan
tutup bibir
buat Hellenkeller
cakap ngan pingan
saya kata shush perempuan
tutup bibir
buat Hellenkeller
cakap ngan pingan

I love u [barney song]
aku cinta mu
mu cinta ku
kita keluarga bahagia
dengan pelukan besar
dan ciuman basah
takkan mu kata mu cintaku


time to brush up my marks
my results sucks
except for add maths
that's cuz i actually studied for it
unlike the rest ofmy papers
shouldn't have screwed up my physics paper2
cuz i lost my A1 there
should've studied a bit more for bio , sej and chemistry
could've gotten A1 for those as well
well my BM is a gonner
no comment on that

ahh i got to do my add math's project...


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