20 June 2009

** Hundred Thirty Three **


well jogathon wasn't so bad today. first off i didn't even attempt to run this year. not that i'd be in any shape to win a medal for myself. the whole bunch of us, Shangeeth, Syarifah, Sarah, Mariam, Lava, and I helped Pn. Thilga with her stuff so we kinda started after everyone else did. not that we would run even if we started at the same time. so we started behind Miss Goh. making noise as we always do. and then Miss Goh told us to walk more and talk less. not that we'd listen. actually we made more noise.

well i was on duty. but didn't have much to take really. cuz i was WAYYYY back. so all my pictures are of 5Sc1-nians. well we had teachers ushering us. of the two jogathons i've been to, THIS was the MOST MEMORABLE one EVER. i realize these are the moments i'm gonna miss about school. the moments that make me wish i could just go back to school. where waking up at 6a.m. is not a hastle.

we ran with Pn Chan. screaming at every circle we see. cuz our add math's project this year was on circular measure. running and taking pictures is something different than just standing and snapping them. well i finished with my legs sore. barely able to stand. and i still had to take the prize giving.

and then i had some hamper. lucky draw. xD
honestly this is the first time i've won a lucky draw.
hahahaha...pathetic right?!?!
not like i'm that lucky person...^^

tired out
i went for music class
then went back to sleep

i'll post the pictures later...
have to ask Miss WOng's permission first...^^"

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