26 June 2009

** Hundred and Thirty Seven **

it kinda sad that michael jackson breathed his last breath today. personally i think the whole world is watchign his videos, listening to his songs, getting to know this lost legend. come to think of it. i grew up with his songs. yeah, there were a few down points of michael jackson. if only things were different. maybe he wouldn't have to leave today. then again, for those who made picket signs against him, this would probably the day they'd been waiting for. and now they can sit at home, rejoice all together,and have some beer while watching the world sob over his death, laughing at the fools who do.
the news of his death hit the world by storm. not to mention my school. the first sight of someone you know and the words that pop out of those lips of yours would be, "Michael Jackson died!" and they's probably say, "Yeah, i know." so, everyones moaping bout his death. the lost of the man who did a way better moonwalk than neil armstrong could ever do. the man who sang of healing the world. and not forgetting the man who contributed to the invention of the drink we have, specially named after him. i have never tasted it. somehow it looks weird. but heck, if he hadn't turned white, we wouldn't have that drink.
it was a waste he left us this morning. i was really looking forward to his come back concert. i don't mind what he did. not that it bothers me so. but, maybe what they say its true...

...artists get famous after they die...


if someone walks up to you and asks, "What use are the ten toes on your foot?"
and all you do is shrug and say, "I don't know. It just makes me look normal."
if one day, you had a blister on all ten toes and someone were to ask the same question
you wouldn't shrug, but say, "I need them when I walk."
if someone walks up to you and asks, "What use are the arms you have there?"
and all you do is stare at them and answer, "I am human aren't I?! Humans have a pair of arms, don't they?!"
if one day, you lose an arm, and someone asks that question
you wouldn't even take a second to answer, "To eat, write, change my clothes, bathe, tie my shoelace, tie my hair, wear my contacts, etc etc etc"

do you really need to lose something before you realize how important it really is to you?!?!

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