22 May 2009

** Hundred and Thirty One **

the day before yesterday, i was writing what i could recall on Harrison Bergeron. i was cracking my brain trying to remember evidence i could use from the text for Holes. Julius Caesar seriously sounded greek to me. trying to read between the spaces of the letters of every verse that comes to memory. then, my temperature rose. my central nervous system began buzzing like a machinery that needed some grease. then the ticking of clocks ten miles away rang in my ears. i was turning into vapour. evapourising. my palms held snow but it was summer in my head. i should've seen the signs. when the sound of me deteriorated at sunrise and oxygen supplies ran low. keeping my sanity was beyond my grasps.

yesterday, i entered the same atmosphere. except. nothing felt better. my temperature rose before i held the carbon and my oxygen levels were way below regulated levels. i sat by sun rise, trying to find that missing folder in my hard drive of yesterday's well over burnt midnight oil. the ordeal had passed. and it is as if i had been brainwashed entirely. not a speck of fragments in my memory can tell me what happened withing those dark menacing hours.

today, the haunting seconds of the silent nights of early morning went missing again. i kept them in a jar. poked air hole. and even gave them cookies. my skull did make impact every five seconds of the day. i popped it in hoping it goes down without resistance. rewrote what has passed and destroyed the very foundation of it all.

tomorrow, normality was restored to what had been the three days destruction of myself. i wore my armour, sharpened my sword and charged my steed. but it wasn't until the battlement was done that the fool came to surface.

the day after tomorrow goes on.


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