05 November 2010

** Two Hundred and Twenty Nine **

WARNING: okay i know i haven't been blogging for more than a week (i think). so bear with me on this one cuz this is going to be one of those super duper extra draggy crazily inhumanely loooooooooooong posts i haven't done in a while. so if you don't feel like reading, don't. simple as that. XD

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B E G I N T R A N S M I S S I O N 4:53pm

i'm pretty sure i've officially lost my scholarship after this test. so, first paper was GP and Pure Maths. well, nothing much today about GP. its english. but i'm pretty sure i crapped the hell out of my essay just get get about half the marks AGAIN. i suck at factual writing. Pure maths. omg. i actually forgot how the paper was like to me. LOL. short term memory loss. but one thing's for sure, i didn't do as well as i did during the last test.
the second day was Physics and Applied Maths. PHYSIC. ZOMGWTFH!! i hope physics burns in hell for all the pain it puts me through. i have never been able to do Physics. and my paper, well i practically made a desperate attempt to at least pass. hey, at least i tried. =D. then Applied Maths. same as Pure Maths really. i know i didn't as well as i did. i dont know why. í suck at applied. i just suck. don't ask me why. its like asking yourself right-handed self why cant you write with you left hand as well as your right hand. its just retarded that way. LOL.
the third day was a man slaughter. i had Chemistry. my beloved Chemistry. i loved Chemistry. slept with Chemistry. spent time with Chemistry. ate with Chemistry. went out on a date with Chemistry. made love with CHemistry for that week before the test. and it stabbed me in the back and front and side and everywhere else. not once. not twice. not even thrice. i think if i was fighting against chemistry in street fighter, chemistry's combo would be like 100000000000000000. i spent more than 45minutes just on objective and it was a 1.5hour paper. and my subjective. cannot be saved. but honestly, it was a very hard paper.
last day! Further Applied and Further Pure. applied was ok. i could do some. don't know whether correct or not. but the most important thing is I TIRED!!! LOL. Further Pure made a good ending to the test. there were one or two that i didn't know how to do. but overall, i did pretty well i presume. based on the fact that i had 30minutes to spare. and had nothing to do. Further Pure made my day. XD i'll be so happy if i actually manage to get an A for further maths. (haha...dream on...)

okay. so that was the test part of the week.

there was a bit of drama too.

so after my physics paper. i told my dad i was going to lose my scholarship and was going to fail physics AGAIN. he said i had no heart in doing my a levels. and he said, "if you could do your tutorials and understand what your lecturer teaches, why would you fail?!" and my mum went, "they ask you one is not in the syllabus?" and so my dad kept going on and on about the importance of a levels. n kept asking me the decide than and there whether i wanted to continue or not. and i sat there crying. honestly i have never cried so much in a week. it was like one after another. and it just kept coming. it was like i was stuck back at square one where i had to decide what to do after college. i kinda hate the feeling i get when everything suddenly feel so worthless. its like at that moment in time i just didn't want anyone near me. and everything just didn't matter.
so for that week, i went through a land fill of emotions all at one shot. probably lost a lot of water. LOL.

oh. the parent lecturer day invitation came yesterday. LOL.

ok now for some happiness.

i went to animangaki at sunway college the sunday before exams started. i wore my loli. and my shoes didn't match at all. cuz they were too bright of a red. LOL. anyhow. i had fun there. even if i went alone. XD. ppl wanted to eat my shoe. OAO!! which was rather weird but... all in all i met a whole lot of ppl. and i bought my nendroid brs!! (new baby to add to my collection) i was supposed to join a dance group for CF. orz. didn't happen cuz of some issues. oh and my costume arrived thursday. yeah. i think. i cant remember. XD. seriously short term memory loss. somehow i don't get it. tailors never get my size right. its like the strap is too long which means i have to sew it shorter and i have a lot of boob space. LOL. which in other words meant i need bigger boobs or else the costume looks weird.

my sister wanted Supra shoes. and she didn't believe me when i told her those shoe are BIG! until today when she saw it. LOL.

speaking of my sis. she came to me today and went, "Jie...you know that yaoi is porn..." and i was like, "Uhuh...so?" LOL.

i went shopping today. actually wanted to go into uniqlo but WTF MAN!!! the line is so fuckingly obscene!!! so fucking loooooong. its even longer than all the letters in my blog post all lined up. so yeah. didn't get to go into uniqlo. =( then we went to TS to find my sister her supra shoes. and ended up buying stuff from kitschen. i love that shop. =D oh. and i bought this HELLO KITTY cover for my phone. <3 so adorable. i was pissed today. cuz i finally found a pair of HIGH WHITE boots. and it was so funny. as you all know TS has A LOT of stores selling practically the same fucking stuff. the first store i went to, i asked for a size 5. and the guy so BLUR man. he's the king of all blurness i tell you. first he told me only got size6. then i asked what size is the display one, he say size5. so i ask him bring the other pair. he go into the store room, come back out. and guess what he told me.

"Miss ah...this shoe only got one...the other one dunno go where..."


so fine. i left the shop. then i saw the SAME EXACT ONE in another store. asked for size5 and the lady tells me "don't have...this is the last pair."
WTF MAN!!! everytime buy shoe surely this would happen. either no size or no shoe. damn irritating. so failed to buy new shoes today. orz.
then it was so fucked up the way my mum's face was. after my sis and i bought stuff for kitschen her face turned "black". like some nigga. =3= damn irritating lo. i lost my mood look at her face. no mood to shop already. go home la. diu.

and after all that drama i have decided to draw. something i haven't done in a while. and i plan to do the impossible actually. i damn noob but trying to draw something pro. i was thinking of bringing my sketch book to college. but its A3. which is BIG. sigh.

so...my birthday is next week...no...next NEXT week...
yeah...XD lol...i suck i know...orz can't be helped.

usually i celebrate my birthday. most of the time its just my friends come over to my place, eat, play some water, watch movies, stay up and probably go out the next morning or something. i wanted something special this year (since my 16th birthday was like SHIT). don't know la. every year i plan my own birthday. it gets boring after a while. and its been a while.

my wishlist for the day i turn legal...
(probably won't get any on the list but you can't blame me for trying...)
DOMO KUN plushie
Coloud Hello Kitty Headphones
Black Rock Shooter (been wanting this for a VERY long time)
Addidas Jeremy Scott Winged Shoes (silver)
Nike Air Force 1
♥ SpongeBob Shirt (yea i love spongebob)
Geeky specs (with lens...i dont see the point of wearing specs with no lens)
Silver Winged Ring
Silver Winged Necklace
♥ anything you feel like getting me

i don't mind what i get for my birthday...its the thought tat counts ^^

E N D T R A N S M I S S I O N 6:03pm

lots of love,
Rach ♥

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