09 November 2010

** Two Hundred and Thirty One **

i wanted to post about this video quite some time ago. totally crossed my mind. i'd double posting. cuz i shared this on faceboook already. anyhow. ^^V

technically if i was 12 and lived in poverty...wait...i don't think i even had boobs when i was 12. LOL. watching this video again kinda made me wonder, for a person to marry a, lets say, 14 year old and get her pregnant by 15 and having to have her sell herself to support her family. what happened to the guy?! OAO!! if he had the money to "buy" her, he has no intentions of helping raise a family with her, why the fuck "buy" her. D<

i'm not sexist or anything. but the world seems to be unreasonably cruel to a girl. even if you don't live in poverty.

because being a girl you have more to lose.
because being a girl you are at disadvantage.
because being a girl the world becomes a dangerous place.
because being a girl you are subject to rape. (technically even if a boy is raped, why would he complain)

i do hate being a girl sometimes

i wonder who started this "girl selling" piece of shit. i wonder why they don't sell boys. or maybe they do. just not so often. so mankind mancruel puts sex above everything else?!

this kinda makes me happy i'm not living in poverty. ^w^ or in that situation as a matter a fact.


so we finished our test3. which leaves me with nothing much to do. they plan to start A2 syllabus next week. sigh. exam finish and i still have to study. so here's what i calculated. since my chemistry died and so did my physics ( though i'm happy i improved from last time ), so lets say i pass chemistry, which makes it 40. and i got 45 for physics. yeah. i'm not ashamed of my sucky marks. 60% of 500 would be 300. i got 75 for GP. (oh yeah GP i love you!! =D) which leaves me with 140 more marks to reach 300. so all that's left is Maths and Further Maths. which meant i have to get 70 each. technically now i have 37 for Pure Maths and 39 for Further Pure. WOW rite. my further maths is higher than my maths. mainly cuz i screwed my partial fractions. (damn) which means another 33 for Applied Maths and 31 for Further Applied and i'm safe!!!

please please please please....

just need to keep tat 60% average.


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