08 November 2010

** Two Hundred and Thirty **

this is officially my favorite shirt...=D

so i failed my chemistry. with a pathetic 29/100. i passed physics with 45. sigh.
at some point in time i made a fuss getting 60. then i made a fuss bout getting 50. and now i'm pretty contented just to pass a subject. i don't know how some people do it. being able to keep up good grades. i have failed to keep my good grades ever since form4. being pretty happy to keep an average of 60.

so how does it feel.

i dont know honestly. i mean. i felt like i've always had in school. inferior to everyone else. watching my classmates score better. i kind of grew numb to this feeling although it still lingers every time i get my papers. its a real sucky feeling.

done with that.

last sunday.
my sister went to the curve to meet up with her friends. so they were late as usual. we had IKEA meatballs for lunch. =D then my sis went with her friends and i end up following my parents around IKEA. one thing i regretted doing that day. taking the measuring tape for my dad.he spent the whole day annoying me with it. he rolled it up and made it springy and kept launching it at me.den he put it to his camera n started taking pictures. then he put his finger through and said, "i have a ring!" LULZ!!!
did a bit of shopping. mum still forcing me to get a new pair of new shoes cuz my converse is like...really old...XD

i guess this week the lecturers would give out the papers. and next week we'd start A2.

gosh time flies.

Lots of love,

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November 11, 2010 at 9:27 PM

eik...you shirt really nice, i like it, i want to get one too!!