10 November 2010

** Two Hundred and Thirty Two **

every time i type "Thirty" i find myself typing "Thirdy". LOL.

lets blog like a normal blogger about my normal day.

i woke up at 6am. got out of bed and brushed my teeth. yiddi yadda. gosh. boringggg...LOL. i'm calling my own life boring. technically it is.

oh now i remembered what i wanted to blog about.

class started at 10 today yesterday. so i was in H203, i just placed my bag down. was going to sit already. but still stand for god knows what reason. XD then the guy from the office, which i made friends with, called me n said Miss Chan wanted to see me. in my mind i was wondering who's Miss Chan. cuz as far as i know, i only know some lady named Amy from the office and the indian guy which i do not know his name. so i met Mr.Keong on my way down. went into the office and found Miss Chan's room. then she said Mdm. Looi wanted to see me. which at some point in time made me scared. LOL. cuz she's the head of the school so yeah. expecting the worst.
i was so blur cuz she was talking to another person inside and i just stood there walking in and out, undecisive of what to do. then i decided to just stand there at her door. LOL. okay so i introduced myself and she started telling me bout Jacky, he's the guy that photocopied our textbooks and stuff. and she said someone from my class went to complain to him about incomplete notes. and in my mind was like "no one in my class knows who the hell Jacky is."
she's kinda like Miss Goh. talks too much due to repetition of the same thing. and she adds "raigay" to parts of her sentences. so she went on about how Jacky is part of the alumni in the campus and how he has a reputation to keep. so yeah i understand in that sense. if someone accused you of an incomplete job, word spreads like wild fire around here, so obviously you lose business. then she went on about how the person who complained couldnt come out with a receipt. i mean yeah. i understand (again) from which if the photocopies were from Jacky they'd be a receipt. so all she needed was for me to clarify this situation. then i told her about how its hard to reach Jacky at times and how we have to literally "fight" for our books during beginning of the semester. i think she spoke to me for quite some time.

then, she ended it with, "It was very nice raigay talk to you. What's your name by the way?"
so, i said, "Kong Yee Rou."
she wrote it down, "Huh...What...Corny issit?" (controlling myself not to LOL)
i went, "No no. Kong Yee Rou." then i figure it'd be easier if she just called me Rachel. "Just call me Rachel."

so i was pretty sure it was a mistake. technically most of my classmates couldnt care less if one or two copies were missing. so i went and ask the class, after Mr. Keong had finish discussing the exam paper. and yeah, nobody knew who Jacky was.

figures, Jiun Wai went to complain to Jacky.

so i was like, "That one was from TBR la."
and he gave me the dumbest reason, "I forgot."

then he can come to me and ask, "Then now how?!"
i'm like, "You wrongly accuse someone. What do you do?!"
and he was all blur. which added oil to fire.
then Elie repeated and added, "Say sorry la!" (thank you elie!)
then he went, "Ya. I say already."
"Fine la then."

so i decided to settle this problem and went back to Mdm Looi. and told her, i had no idea Jiun Wai went to Jacky and complained. then she practically went on and on about advising him to apologize and stuff. yeah. so all i did was agree and waited til she was done. yes. i know my phone is vibrating in my pocket. yes. i know who's calling. no. i will not pick up.
i dont understand how stupid can you possibly get.
its such a simple fucking thing as asking me. and you can't even do that?!
you of all people know how hard Jacky is to get.
why'd would you think it was from him?!

first of all, don't tell me you forgot that i was the one who sent the past year papers for photocopying. we had tat whole incident with Eugene forgetting to take it from the DK.
your short term memory loss is even worst than mine.
secondly, you are not running a one man's show here. if you want to run a one man's show. go ahead. i'll give you my post. i'll step down. you can do all the work. be my guest.
no fucking brains! where the fuck is your brain.
third, don't tell me it didn't cross your mind to ask me.
you have no fucking cow sense to get some confirmation of your FALSE assumption?!
fourth, if you didn't know. you're not supposed to just go by your assumptions and make false accusations like that.
i think you better go and find your common sense.it seems to be missing.
fifth, don't you think before you act?!
you need a mirror to dare ask me such a question that was meant for yourself.
here's something for you to do.
go home and dig up your fucking cow sense.

Peace out, biatch.

okay so it wasn't the chemistry past year papers.
all that fucking drama for one goddamned incomplete note.
fucking grow up and complete it yourself la!!!
and fucking learn to brush tiny things off.


Peace out, biatch.

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